And the Best Home Chef for December 2013 is…

Happy New Year Best Home Chefs! 2014 will be brilliant for the home cooks among us, and we have a huge array of exciting prizes, competitions and giveaways up for grabs for the Best Home Chef community.

The Best home Chef team has been extremely busy over the New Year period – kneading, baking and sizzling your dishes to decide the winner of December’s cooking challenge.

It was a tough competition and we had some great debates in our test kitchen, but one dish stood out for its boldness, simplicity and for using ingredients we aren’t often game using at home.

Drummroll please…

The winner of the Best Home Chef for the December challenge is Fatemeh Azizian for her sensual recipe, Duck’s lover. Fatimeh will take home a Philips Air-Fryer for uploading her best creation.










Editor’s notes for Duck’s Lover: Cooking with duck can be a nerve-wracking experience for many, yet this recipe seems to be fool-proof. It lets the flavours of the duck shine through qithout any overpowering seasoning whilst combining the duck with simple and elegant accompanyments. This recipe does the duck justice – and we loved it.

More applause please….

The runner-up prize, for her delicious yet simple Paprika and Lemon Roast Chicken was much-loved Best Home Chef Sarah Lewis. Sarah will receive a Kambrook Blitz Blend2Go Blender, and a cookbook.


















Both Fatemeh and Sarah will go straight into the running to win thousands of dollars worth of appliances in the Best Home Chef awards, to be drawn at the end of 2014.

Notable mentions in the December cooking competition, who will all receive cookbooks, include delicious creations by…

Carole DeMaria for her Roast Capsicum, Sun-Dried Tomato and Feta Bread  (this is so delicious – we ate this in the office in record time!),









Anna Linhart, for her Homemade Chicken Sausages (a great variation on the ubiquitous sausage roll),










Olga L for her scrumptious Mascapone and Apricot cheesecake,















And to Angela H for her restaurant quality Smoky Walnut and Cashew Pate with Horseradish and Black Sesame.










Please keep uploading your recipes to be in the running for the January prize!


Sally Killoran
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  • Thank you Best Home Chef, 2013 was an exciting year! You did such an amazing job bringing the Australian cooking community together. I can’t wait to see the wonderful recipes and creations coming up this year.


    by Sarah Lewis on 07/01/2014, 15:37
    Sarah Lewis
    • Thanks Sarah – we’re excited about 2014 as well. The website will be refreshed a bit to enhance usability, there will be some fantastic monthly prizes and the end-of-year awards will be tremendous. Thanks for your consistently great recipes – they are a pleasure to cook.


      by Sally Killoran on 08/01/2014, 09:32
      Sally Killoran
  • Thanks sooooooooooo much for the very positive feedback for my smoky walnut pate :-)


    by Angela H. on 10/01/2014, 17:08
    Angela H.
  • Sally thank you for your comments.It is very nice to share the recipes with so many people,because every family cook different way and use different ingredients and at the ends the meal is yummy and delicious.


    by ANNA LINHART on 11/01/2014, 10:16
  • Congratulations to Fatemeh and Sarah! Thank you for your comments Sally. It is nice to receive feedback on the dishes I create. Looking forward to seeing what creations will be submitted to BHC this year!


    by Carole DeMaria on 12/01/2014, 21:38
    Carole DeMaria
  • Congratulations to Fatemeh and Sarah! And thanks Best HOme Chef for delicious 2013 year!!


    by Olga L on 15/01/2014, 12:49
    Olga L
  • Whats happened with this 2014? There really hasnt been much activity from the syaff at BHC.


    by Ser Yem on 11/01/2015, 22:13
    Ser Yem