Christmas dessert recipes to delight and impress

Whatever your opinion of Christmas may be, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a good time to be a foodie.

While it’s generally considered gluttonous to consume large quantities of meat, cheese, butter, cream and hard liquor; during Christmas this kind of behaviour is not only tolerated, it’s encouraged!

“Go on, it’s Christmas!” you aunt will insist, as she piles yet more lard-fried potatoes atop your plate.

To respond with: “But I fear my stomach will rupture” would not in the Christmas spirit.

So fortify your bowels people, and get on board the Indigestion Express with these delightful Christmas dessert recipes – guaranteed to inject the Christmas spirit into you – much like the manually administered insulin you’ll soon be needing.

Christmas cookies

If you’re low on cash but high on time, homemade biscuits make excellent Christmas gifts (for people you want to make fat).

You don’t need to be an expert chef to create delicious home-baked Christmas treats. Often it’s the simple, traditional recipes which taste the best and bring the most cheer.

There are plenty of fun and easy Christmas cookies recipes out there. Here at Best Home Chef, we were particularly impressed by Nic Midgley’s Jam Stars (pictured above) – which can be made up to 2 weeks in advance and kept in the fridge.

We also love Anna Linhart’s simple yet delicious Christmas Walnut Cookies, which, when served dusted with vanilla icing sugar, are total perfection:

Our most prolific contributor, Anna’s Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies are also worth checking out, as are her ingenious Carrot Christmas Cookie Balls for Kids – which is a great way to fool your children into eating vegetables.

Not that it’s a competition (oh, wait…) but if we had to pick a favourite Christmas cookie recipe, it would have to be Melissa Darr’s Shortbread Button Cookies, which are cute as a, well, button. Check them out!

Rum Balls

Another fantastic Christmas gift idea, rum balls combine the two greatest things in life – chocolate and booze. Chocolate = good, rum = great, rum balls = someone-call-the-ambulance-I-just-ate-fourteen-rum-balls.

Best Home chef is smitten with the Chocolate Cherry Rum Balls recipe from Camille Parsons, which uses crushed up Vita Brits to provide substance and crunch.

Anna Linhart once again steps up to the challenge by adding walnuts, sultanas and Caribbean rum essence to her rum balls for a wickedly different twist on the original.

However it’s Kerrod Pedley’s Easy Rum Balls that have really got us salivating – you had us at ‘sweetened condensed milk’!

Fruit cake

No, not my mental state – the delicious Christmas dessert!

A traditional favourite, fruit cake can be prepared around 6 months in advance for the flavours to develop and mature. (You need to soak the fruit for up to a week in brandy, whiskey or rum before you bake the cake, then add ¼ cup extra alcohol right after you remove the cake from the oven. Once cool, wrap in cling-wrap and store in a dark, cool, clean location until it’s time to devour your creation).

Best served with brandy custard and a good quality vanilla ice cream, fruit cake is especially popular with the older generation and will therefore ensure your name remains in your grandma’s will for another year.

Best Home Chef is brimming with fruit cake recipes for you to try. Maggie Carter’s Pumpkin Fruit Cake, for instance, puts a clever new twist on the original to create a moist and delicately flavoured cake that’s almost good enough to eat.

And for something light and simple, you really can’t go past Anna Linhart’s Quick and Easy Fruit Cake.

But hats off (this joke becomes more funny once you’ve seen the picture) must go to Tory Huth, whose Cherry Coconut Mud Cake wins the Best Home Chef Award for Most Surreal Serving Suggestion:


Like pudding? Of course you do, since you are not an undead zombie with a hunger only for human flesh. (Speaking of which, this is a great test to find out if someone really is a zombie, in situations where you’re not certain. Just ask the suspect: “Do you like pudding?” and if they answer with “No” you can confidently shoot them in the chest with a shotgun – no fuss, no muss!)

For a healthier alternative to the stodgy standard issue pud, Courtney Perks has provided a wonderful recipe for a Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pudding with Citrus and Pine Nuts – yum!

But it’s Kerrod again with his Boiled Christmas Pudding & Homemade Custard which really takes the cake, so to speak! Homemade custard, goodness gracious, is deliciousness that immense even legal??

Something lighter

A hot pudding is all well and good when there’s snow falling softly on your window, but the word on the street is that you live in Australia, and Australia is, last time we checked – hot.

So if you’re on the lookout for something lighter you can serve for Christmas dessert – lest you die prematurely of heat stroke – Best Home Chef has some great ideas:

Another winner from the dairy-free queen Courtenay, this Healthy Cherry Trifle is a blessing for the lactose intolerant, but more than that – it’s scrumptious. The perfect way to cool down on a hot summer afternoon!

Other awesome cold treats include Helen’s Gingerbread Cassata, and Sarah’s Gingerbread Ice Cream – providing a lovely twist on the European classic:

Meanwhile, Clancy Atkinson gave us his Blood Orange and Orange Blossom Eton Mess, which looks stunning and is also quite healthy:

Finally, chefs Linda Avramides and Rowie Dillon provide us with exciting takes on the Australian staple – the humble pavlova. Those with gluten sensitivities will welcome Rowie’s Chocolate Pavlova, while the Habibi Pavlova incorporates rose water and pieces of Turkish delight for that little bit of razzle dazzle on Christmas Day.

By now you should be uncomfortably engorged with Christmas Dessert inspiration! If you’ve reached this point and you still don’t know what to make for dessert, we can’t help you. You’re on your own now, soldier! God speed, happy cooking, and be sure to report back with your successes.

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