Congratulations to our five finalists!

We are very excited to announce our five Best Home Chef finalists!

With 4,000 contestants and 13,000 original recipes to choose from, the competition was fierce! It wasn’t easy, but eventually our celebrity brand mentors Pete Evans, Mark Best, Hamish Ingham, Anthony Fischbeck and Luca Ciano were able to make a final selection from the top 25 recipes as voted by the Best Home Chef community. Finalists include:

1. Deborah Hopley

Hailing from sunny Queensland, Deborah loves to cook and source fresh seasonal product from farmers’ markets.

For the final cook-off, Deborah will be cooking alongside My Kitchen Rules star and Wolf brand mentor Pete Evans.

Scallops, Prosciutto and Pea Puree

2. Stuart Talman

Representing NSW, Stuart has a fresh approach to cooking, and is willing to have a crack at anything and everything.

At the final, Stuart will be cooking alongside Luca Ciano – chef consultant and brand mentor for SMEG.

White Chocolate Parfait with Lemon Curd & Shortbread 

3. Sarah Lewis

Sarah is a food blogger from Victoria who is passionate about photography, cooking and food styling. Her food philosophy keeps things simple yet visually appetising and tasteful.

Hamish Ingham from The Woods, Four Seasons Hotel, Bar H – and the brand mentor for Siemens – will be helping Sarah prepare her most popular dish:

Spicy Lemongrass Chicken with Coconut Juice

4. Melissa Darr

Another Queensland representative, Melissa is a passionate blogger and baker who is most happy when pottering around the kitchen. Melissa’s food philosophy revolves around using seasonal fresh ingredients – preferably from her own veggie patch.

For the finale, Melissa will be cooking with Anthony Fischbeck – Australian Chef and Scholtès brand mentor.

Fig and Almond Frangipani Tart

5. Snjezana Demo

Born and raised in Croatia, Snjezana’s love for cooking developed when she moved to Victoria, Australia and experienced the variety of local fresh produce and ingredients available.

At the Best Home Chef finale Snjezana will be cooking with Mark Best – Chef at Marque Restaurant and AEG brand mentor.

Rabbit In Red Wine and Vinegar Sauce

Best Home Chef Grand Finale: Wednesday 19th June

After eight months and 13,000 original recipes, the Best Home Chef finale will take place next Wednesday evening at the brand new Winning Appliances Flagship Redfern Showroom. All finalists will be competing for the grand prize of $50,000 worth of kitchen appliances. (The runner up will receive $25,000 worth of kitchen appliances).

John Winning, CEO of Winning Group, said the high standard of original recipes being uploaded by budding home chefs has been outstanding:

“Best Home Chef was created to inspire Australians to get back into the kitchen. The community has been a hub for creativity and knowledge. We have witnessed new culinary creations come into fruition as home chefs cook classic dishes with a twist. Treasured family recipes are now shared for all to enjoy and most importantly, we have watched home chefs share their knowledge and tips to help others learn and develop their cooking styles,” he said.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has uploaded a recipe to Best Home Chef, and wish our final contestants the best of luck for the big night!

Louise Carter
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Louise Carter

Best Home Chef's resident writer and sweet tooth, Louise once decorated ice cream cakes for a living. Although this job had several health consequences, osteoporosis was not one of them. Louise is also an ex barista whose biggest pet peeve is burnt milk. She loves travelling, and has recently returned from a pasta-eating excursion to Italy. One day she hopes to grow vegetables and make her own cheese and wine. She lives in Sydney. Google+

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  • Louise that is beautiful article and I wish to all of them honesty from my heart all the best and good luck.


    by ANNA LINHART on 14/06/2013, 15:02
  • It should be a wonderful night – we’re looking forward to it! :)


    by Louise Carter on 17/06/2013, 10:49
    Louise Carter
  • Wohoo… can’t wait to meet the other finalists and everyone working in the behind the scenes! Feeling a little nervous myself but looking forward to the experiece!


    by Melissa Darr on 17/06/2013, 15:27
    Melissa Darr
  • Sarah Congratulations !!! Good luck!!


    by Daniela Cirillo on 20/06/2013, 02:43
    Daniela Cirillo
  • I am rooting for Sarah to be the big winner! Good luck to all the finalist and congrats for chosen!


    by Donna Bardocz on 20/06/2013, 04:24
    Donna Bardocz