Easter Recipe Inspiration

Need inspiration for a great Easter creation?  Read on…

Hot Cross Buns

An Easter tradition, there are many different varieties of Hot Cross Bun out there, from fairly standard buns to chocolate buns and fruit buns.

Hot Cross Buns by Mishka Gora

If you’re sitting on an old family recipe for a winning Hot Cross bun, or have successfully developed a brand new take on a classic hot cross bun recipe, share it with us and your fellow home chefs!

Easter Cupcakes

The past few years have proven to be a real renaissance for cupcakes, with these adorable desserts springing up all over the place, from local cafes to dedicated boutique cupcake bakeries.

“hoppy” Easter Cupcakes by Deborah Hopley

As Easter is already a time for adorable desserts such as the ubiquitous chocolate Easter eggs, it’s not too hard to get into the spirit of things with a few cupcakes of your own.

Easter Cupcakes by Jacqueline Guglielmino

Share your recipe for an extra-fluffy and sweet base, or a decadent and beautiful topping that’ll bring the old “have your cake and eat it too” argument into sharp light.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs themselves are pretty simple at their core.  Either you’re using the chocolate kind, complete with cute designs on their foil wrappers, or the dyed eggs used in many traditional Easter celebrations.

For either version, we’ve got a great blog that can help you out with the basics: How to make Easter eggs

However, if you know a unique twist on one of these traditional methods, or have found a great new way to use these decorative foodstuffs, share the love today for your chance to win cookbooks that offer even more inspiration!

Your turn:

Whether there’s a special meal your family serves every Easter, or if you’ve worked out a great new meal idea that would suit the season perfectly, share the recipe with the Best Home Chef community!

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