How to create an Australia Day Menu

In the lead-up to our national Australia-Day holiday, we have sorted through thousands of delicious recipes uploaded to Best Home chef, on a hunt for the top mouth-wateringly patriotic dishes for you to try at home.

Australia Day is  characterised by many (non-vegetarian) Australians by consuming a large quantity of one delicious meat – lamb. Mighty lamb. Therefore, we isolated several lamb-icious recipes to please any Australia-Day crowd.

You could try Moroccan lamb balls if you’re hunting for great finger food, the delicious Tzatziki lamb burger  or the
Rosemary lamb loin with spicy carrot mash if you’re wanting to impress… for the health-conscious Annabelle’s warm lamb and rosemary salad is a tastebud delight.

Even though no-one ever says to put another squid on the barbie, prawns do make yummy BBQ morsels. And if you cook them outside, they won’t stink out your house. Try this Delicious-sounding Prawn linguine with kale pesto or for a more fancy dish, you could try a summertime king prawn salad and let us know if you have success in creating one like in the photo – it’s something that could be served in any restaurant.  Aussie-prawn and mango cold rolls are another take on prawns – because nothing is more Australian than mango and prawns together.

The pie-eatingAustralian is one of our most iconic identities, and something I personally aspire to almost every other week. Pie’s have moved from the plastic-wrapped with added gristle-version you used to buy at the local servo, but have now become seriously gour-met. Three pies to get you cooking up a storm are the  Simple chicken pie, the The perfect meat pie and the fancy-pants Lamb potato and caramelised onion pie.

Some of us frown on eating our most revered animal – the kangaroo – but most of us love it’s healthy, gamey flavour for something a bit different. A bit unusual. A bit quirky. You could throw a bit of kangaroo meat in this Aussie salad or put it in a Big red kangaroo pie - you had me at pie.

Burgers are another favourite Aussie temptation – aka sliders if you’re a hipster – with fries of course. Try both recipes if you’re having a group of friends over to celebrate.

To finish – nothing says ‘Austraya’ like a good crumble, and this Apple Crumble‘s a goodie.

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