In Season Now: Ruby Red Grapefruit

Grapefruit is readily available for most of the year, but during November the refreshing flavour comes into its own.

Ruby Red Grapefruit makes a great addition to summer salads, especially as a delicious accompaniment to silky cheeses such as Haloumi. Grapefruit and fennel also go together like Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester, Antony and Cleopatra, Don Juan and … everyone – you get the gist. 

The bittersweet, ruby flesh is refreshing and  its juice, when used in a dressing, makes a great alternative to vinegar as a source of acidity. 

Our friends at Hello Fresh have shared a delicious recipe using Vitamin C-rich Ruby Red Grapefruit, so you can try this great fruit at home!

Another dish, from this year’s Best Home Chef winner Stuart Talman combines Ruby Red Grapefruit with Fennel and Prawns.

Sally Killoran
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