Upload a Vegetarian or Dessert recipe and win a Kenwood kMix!

The Best Home Chef team must be suffering from March Madness already.  With a new month, we have a new challenge ready for our community of home chefs, and a new set of fabulous prizes up for grabs!

For the month of March, the four best recipes uploaded to the Vegetarian and Dessert categories will win one of four Kenwood kMix kitchen appliances!

Vegetarian Frittata by Elly Nason

Vegetarian meals don’t have to be boring platters of “rabbit food” – they can be veritable cornucopias of flavour, colour and texture, suitable for every meal.  Not only are vegetarian dishes delicious, they can help reduce your impact on our environment, and when part of a balanced diet, they can help to improve your overall health level.

White Chocolate Parfait W/ Lemon Curd and Short Bread Crumb by BHC winner Stuart Talman

As for Desserts… well, you can’t always eat responsibly.  Sometimes you’ve just got to follow your tastebuds as they seek out the sweet, the creamy, and the generally decadent.  There’s nothing quite like a good dessert to cap off a great meal and leave your guests and loved ones wanting more.

Each of the Kenwood appliances up for grabs this month will be useful for both vegetarian cooking and dessert preparation:

  • The HM808 kMix Hand Mixer ($139 RRP) is great for whipping cream or tossing salad
  • The FPX938 kMix Food Processor ($399 RRP) is a great all-around appliance for mixing, chopping, blending and more
  • The KMX98 kMix Stand Mixer ($699 RRP) is renowned for its mixing power, and is ideal for baking preparation
  • The BLX68 kMix Blender ($219 RRP) is another fine means of, well, blending ingredients

All of these cooking appliances come in spectacular Sun Kissed Yellow to help brighten up your kitchen and keep the dream of Spring and Summer alive, even as we start the journey into Autumn and Winter.

So, ladies and gentlemen, start your cooking!  Create something healthy and delicious for the Vegetarian category, or sweet and decadent for the Dessert category (or do both – surprise us!) and upload your recipe to Best Home Chef for your chance to win a Kenwood kMix kitchen appliance!

Happy cooking!

Mark Bristow
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Mark Bristow

Mark is the proud owner of an impractically large paella pan, and enjoys putting strange new twists on classic recipes. Google+

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