Massimo Mele

Mentor for Winning Appliances

Massimo Mele

Massimo Mele

Mentor for Winning Appliances

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Massimo Mele’s Bio

Massimo Mele was surrounded by great Italian food from an early age. Born in Tasmania and raised in Naples, Massimo watched his grandmother, aunties and mother cook and prepare food in the kitchen every day.

His family migrated back to Tasmania when he was 8 years old, where he discovered and honed his food senses working in the family restaurant, La Bella Napoli after school and on school holidays.

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Massimo Mele's Recipes


  • Italian street style smoked mozzarella and potato croquettes by Massimo Mele

  • Massimo Mele's tender rustic Octopus Salad "Amalfi Style"

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