• Share your mid-week meal and win a cookbook set!

    This month, Best Home Chef is looking at mid-week meals – by sharing your recipe, you can win one of 8 Women’s Weekly cookbook sets, each one chock-full of great cooking inspiration!

    For the best qualites of great mid-week meals, plus a few ideas to get you started, read on…

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  • Anzac biscuits: quick history and simple recipes

    This Friday the 25th of April is Anzac Day, the traditional day of remembrance for fallen servicemen and women in Australia and New Zealand.

    Among the traditions associated with Anzac Day are the Dawn Service at the memorial, a game of Two-Up down at the RSL, and baking a sheet or two of chewy Anzac Biscuits.

    Here’s a traditional recipe and a few modern variations:

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  • Easter Recipe Inspiration

    Need inspiration for a great Easter creation? Read on…

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  • Top 10 tips for vegetarian cooking

    Planning to try out a vegetarian recipe but aren’t feeling confident that it’ll be good?

    Thinking of making the switch to a vegetarian diet but aren’t sure you’ll be able to handle the cooking?

    Here are ten tips for better vegetarian cooking that’ll have you prepared for next Meatless Monday!

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  • Upload a Vegetarian or Dessert recipe and win a Kenwood kMix!

    The Best Home Chef team must be suffering from March Madness already. With a new month, we have a new challenge ready for our community of home chefs, and a new set of fabulous prizes up for grabs!

    For the month of March, the four best recipes uploaded to the Vegetarian and Dessert categories will win one of four Kenwood kMix kitchen appliances!

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  • In Season Now: Peaches

    Peaches are delicious, and while there’s nothing wrong with cooking using the canned variety, it’s always worth adding a bit more fresh fruit to your diet.

    Today we’ll be taking you through the ins and outs of this favourite fruit, including what to look for in a good peach, how to prepare them and how to cook them in a variety of different ways.

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  • Upload a recipe in February to be in the running to win a Bosch mixer

    Best Home Chef editors are cooking up feast after feast in our test kitchen, and we’re looking for the best recipe uploaded by February 28 to win a Bosch mixer valued at $699.   Not only does this appliance mix, it also chops, presses, blends, beats, whisks and kneads. On various speed settings. It will become your best friend. Seriously. To help you visualise this culinary creation - not ... MUM54520 Read more

  • How to create an Australia Day Menu

    In the lead-up to our national Australia-Day holiday, we have sorted through thousands of delicious recipes uploaded to Best Home chef, on a hunt for the top mouth-wateringly patriotic dishes for you to try at home. Australia Day is  characterised by many (non-vegetarian) Australians by consuming a large quantity of one delicious meat - lamb. Mighty lamb. Therefore, we isolated several lamb-icious recipes to please any Australia-Day ... The perfect meat pie Read more

  • How to make pizza dough

    To make pizza dough you will need a bit of time for the dough to rise (around 30 mins), a good appetite and strong arms to knead the dough! Home-made pizza is so delicious - much more fun and tasty than bought varieties. And the whole family can be involved. Ingredients 1/2 cups warm water (from the tap is fine) 2 tsp dried yeast (you can buy yeast from ... making pizza dough2 Read more

  • And the Best Home Chef for December 2013 is…

    Happy New Year Best Home Chefs! 2014 will be brilliant for the home cooks among us, and we have a huge array of exciting prizes, competitions and giveaways up for grabs for the Best Home Chef community. The Best home Chef team has been extremely busy over the New Year period – kneading, baking and sizzling your dishes to decide the winner of December’s cooking challenge. It was ... Duck's Lover Read more

  • Massimo Mele shares his cooking tips

    Don't panic! Keep it simple! Be organised! But most importantly, Sydney chef Massimo Mele says his advice for cooking at home is to have fun.  Massimo grew up cooking in his parents' restaurant. He says one of the key problems with many people cooking at home is that they panic. "Don't panic - have fun," he says. In the video, Massimo also shares his advice for introducing cooking to ... Massimo Mele_blogimage Read more

  • How to cook the perfect crackling (video) with Mark Best

    Mark Best is a legend of Australian cooking. Not only does his restaurant, Marque, consistently receive three chef's hats in the Good Food Guide (for the past seven years), but he repeatedly receives accolades - Chef of the Year, Restaurant of the Year... you name it, he's got it. In the lead-up to Christmas, Best Home Chef asked Mark the most important question on everyone's lips: how ... Read more

  • Q&A with best chef Justin North

    At Best Home Chef we love family cooking, and when we saw Australian chef Justin North had put out a tome called just that, we ran to pick up a copy. And we don't usually run. Ever. Family Cooking doesn't disappoint. We sat down with Justin and asked him seven questions covering everything from putting a recipe together to tips on how to take better food photos. You ... Justin North_Family Cooking Read more

  • Chef diaries: Manu Feildel

    Bonjour! Oo la la! At Best Home Chef we love all things French... croissants, pate, escargot... But our absolute favourite is French chef Manu, who has chosen Australia as his home away from home. We caught up with Manu recently while he was holding a masterclass at Winning Appliances. He taught us how to create his 'Manu's Sausage' or the fancy Scallop Boudin with Crab Bisque Sauce (which is ... Manu Masterclass_Best Home Chef Read more

  • In Season Now: Sweet Corn

    Sweet corn is ripe, delicious and ready to eat. Steam, boil or BBQ it with a sprinkling of Paprika then eat it fresh from the cob for that super sweet flavour. Sweet corn is also a fantastic addition to many amazing recipes. Try it in a Velvet Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup as Best Home Chef Angela Scott has done, use it as Pete Evans has done to ... Best Home Chef_sweet corn Read more

  • How to make a green smoothie

    At Best Home Chef we’ve joined the green smoothie revolution. Every morning we rush into our test kitchen to blend kale with banana while we’re juicing oranges and apples to create bright green concoctions we then guzzle in the name of a health kick, hoping for glowing skin and a tough-as-nails immune system. How do you create a green smoothie? Many green recipes contain similar ingredients, in different ... dreamstime_xs_32620233 Read more

  • In Season Now: Ruby Red Grapefruit

    Grapefruit is readily available for most of the year, but during November the refreshing flavour comes into its own. Ruby Red Grapefruit makes a great addition to summer salads, especially as a delicious accompaniment to silky cheeses such as Haloumi. Grapefruit and fennel also go together like Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester, Antony and Cleopatra, Don Juan and ... everyone - you get the gist.  The bittersweet, ruby ... imageandingredients Read more

  • Best Vegetarian Meals

    One in every 10 of us is vegetarian, according to a recent Roy Morgan survey of 20,000 Australians. According to the Australian Vegetarian Society, Vegetarian eating is about consuming a wide variety of food prepared in an abundance of different ways. "Being a good vegetarian means being adventurous and open-minded about food. It is not simply about eating a predictable menu, day in, day out. Many vegetarian staples ... eggplant-and-ricotta-rolls original Read more

  • Wheat-free cooking made easy

    Today Best Home Chef takes a look at some of the reasons for adopting a wheat-free lifestyle.

    We will also feature some fantastic gluten-free recipes from our favourite contributors!

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  • Waffle on: three delicious waffle recipes

    The devine age of the waffle is coming. In order to help spread the word, Best Home Chef presents three stunning recipes, each guaranteed to convert you to a waffle-fanatic.

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  • Best Home Chef celebrates the wonderful Anna Linhart

    Today we fondly reflect on the culinary contributions of Best Home Chef’s star contestant, Anna Linhart!

    Includes action-packed photographs of Tortilla Stack, Stuffed Mushrooms, French Potatoes and much more…

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  • Stuart Talman takes the title of Australia’s Best Home Chef!

    Congratulations to Stuart Talman from NSW – our very first Best Home Chef!

    And thank you to all our lovely contestants. We have exciting things in store for Best Home Chef, so watch this space!

    Read on to find out how Stuart first got started as a home chef…

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  • Congratulations to our five finalists!

    We are very excited to announce our five Best Home Chef finalists! With 4,000 contestants and 13,000 original recipes to choose from, the competition was fierce! It wasn't easy, but eventually our celebrity brand mentors Pete Evans, Mark Best, Hamish Ingham, Anthony Fischbeck and Luca Ciano were able to make a final selection from the top 25 recipes as voted by the Best Home Chef community. Finalists ... Congratulations! Read more

  • How to make butter

    A while back our Best Home Chef blog, “How to make buttermilk” mentioned that a pleasant side-effect of making buttermilk is, in fact, making butter.

    Today, we’ll be approaching this topic from a different angle, concentrating on the process of making butter (in both traditional and vegan varieties), and what extra ingredients can be added to give your butter great new flavours.

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