• How to make caramel

    There are few dessert ingredients that are as hard to resist as caramel. There is something about the delectable amber gooiness that is both delicious to eat yet terrifying to cook. While making caramel involves the simple process of heating sugar, there is just so much that can go wrong - which is why the Best Home Chef team has come up with the best tips and ... how to cook caramel sauce Read more

  • Recipes to celebrate National Bacon Week 2013

    Yes, National Bacon Week is a real thing, endorsed by Australian Pork, and this year lasts from Sunday the 12th of May to Sunday the 19th of May.

    It’s the week to celebrate and consume (in moderation) this much-loved and versatile meat, which features in dozens of recipes on Best Home Chef alone.

    And we’re already halfway through! We’d better get cooking…

    Hawaiian Beef Sliders Read more

  • Recipes for when you’re sick

    With winter rolling around again, the changing of the seasons is bringing with it its share of bugs and other germs.

    If you’re starting to feel a bit off, or have already been struck down by illness, what kind of meals will help to make you feel better?

    Clean Eating Vegetable Stock Read more

  • Mother’s Day menu ideas from the Best Home Chef mentors

    With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, it's time for Mum to put her feet up and not worry about cooking all day. This means that it's up to the rest of us to become chefs for the day and serve up more than just breakfast in bed for the most important women in our lives. So what's on your Mother's Day menu? Not sure yet? Well let our ... mother's day menu ideas Read more

  • How to make scones

    No matter how you like to pronounce it, there is no denying that scones make the perfect addition to any morning or afternoon tea. Originating from Scotland, the word scone reportedly first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary 500 years ago and has being delighting tastebuds around the world ever since. But the simple mix of pantry staples often spells disaster for some home cooks. So the Best ... how to make scones Read more

  • How to make toffee

    Toffee is a tasty treat that’s been enjoyed by generations of sweet tooths. It’s also one of those things that sounds deceptively easy to make for yourself, but can be just as easy to mess up.

    While there are dozens upon dozens of variations on the basic toffee recipe, today we’ll take you through a general method for making toffee at home, which you can tweak, adapt and experiment with until you can find what works best for you.

    Honey Saffron White Chocolate Panna Cotta & Pistachio Toffee Read more

  • How to make pasta

    Think the best pasta comes out of a packet?

    Well, Best Home Chef is here to tell you – not so! The home-made variety can actually be quick and economical to make. Here’s the how-to guide which will ensure you’re soon enjoying the delicious flavour and subtle texture of fresh pasta!

    How to make pasta Read more

  • How to make buttermilk

    Buttermilk is one of those ingredients that we often find on the list of ingredients for a recipe, but aren’t always able to find in the back of the fridge.

    If you find yourself in need of buttermilk but don’t fancy a rummage through the supermarket’s dairy section (or if they’re fresh out of the stuff), here’s how you can reproduce it at home.

    buttermilk Read more

  • What to do with leftover Easter eggs and hot cross buns

    Is your house chock-full of, well, chocolate? Did you clean up at the post-Easter sales and now own more chocolate eggs and bunnies than you know what to do with? Did you overestimate exactly how many hot cross buns you’d be able to power through over the long weekend?

    Here are a few interesting ideas for ways you can use up your excess chocolate and stale hot cross buns if you can’t stomach the idea of scarfing down any more of the things on their own:

    “hoppy” Easter Cupcakes Read more

  • Join the club! Healthy breakfast recipe ideas

    From Sara Y's Shemiji Mushroom Toast with Perfect Poached Eggs to Emma Cooke's Vegan Chai Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Pecans, Best Home Chef has attracted some serious breakfast recipes. Long considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast is often the most difficult to get right. Whether it's time constraints - who wouldn't prefer to have a bit more sleep instead - or our lack ... Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald and Michael Hall Read more

  • How to make Hot Cross Buns!

    Get set for Hot Cross Bun bliss with our delicious recipe for this traditional yearly favourite. Our step-by-step guide will turn your Good Friday into a Great Friday!

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  • Behind the brand: Wolf

    Wolf is not only one of the brands that supports Best Home Chef, but it is also a cooking specialist that supplies equipment to chefs of all levels. Hand-crafted in the US Wolf established itself as an innovative cooking appliance brand in the 1930s by building ranges and cooktops for some of the world’s best restaurants. The brand turned its attention to the home in 2000, and now ... Wolf1 Read more

  • How to make Easter eggs

    From traditional dyed Easter eggs through to enormous homemade Creme Eggs, Best Home Chef will show you how to make this year’s Easter truly memorable.

    Whether you’re creating beautiful decorations for your Easter table or keeping your kids out of trouble during the school holidays, today we will provide you with a wealth of Easter egg inspiration. Easter isn’t far away, so it’s time to get cracking!

    Traditional Easter eggs make at home Read more

  • How to make Chocolate Mousse

    Best Home Chef takes a look at the perfect way to make this chocolate classic. Follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll find it amazingly easy to make amazingly delicious mousse – the hardest thing will be having to share it!

    How to make chocolate mousse Read more

  • How to make bruschetta

    Bruschetta is one of those dishes that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. With a rich history as part of the Italian culinary tradition, this simple dish has been interpreted by many different chefs in a myriad of different ways over the years.

    Today, we’ll be looking at exactly what bruschetta is and how you can make it at home, both in the traditional purist style, and in the more modern, experimental style.

    Modern Italian Mixed Bruschetta Read more

  • The simple method for nutritional eating … and a healthier you

    Following the release of the Australian Dietary Guidelines this week, Best Home Chef takes a look at what is officially considered a healthy diet … and uncovers the simplest way to achieve what may be considered a daunting task!

    fresh-salad1 Read more

  • How to make bread like your favourite British chefs

    Whether it's Kerrod Pedley's baguette recipe or Anna Linhart's method for whipping up some homemade bread rolls, some of our Best Home Chef contestants really know their stuff when it comes to baking bread at home. But it's one thing that a lot of people are still put off by, so the Best Home Chef bloggers are here to help decipher the tricks to proving, kneading and ... how to make bread 2 Read more

  • How to make icing

    Icing is possibly the most delicious thing known to man – and when it’s home-made it can taste just that little bit better. Here Best Home Chef presents a range of techniques for making the perfect frosting from scratch: simple, sweet and sensational!

    How to make icing Read more

  • Pamela Clark answers your questions about desserts

    My family loves chocolate brownies, but we prefer them soft and fudgy inside. What’s the secret to getting this result every time? Usually, it’s all about the baking time. Drop the baking time back by 5 minutes each time you bake brownies until you get the consistency that suits your taste, and don’t forget to make notes about what you’ve done. If your recipe uses white ... Chocolate brownies Read more

  • What is a vegan diet? Vegan cooking explained

    Today Best Home Chef takes a look at vegan diets. We provide information about going vegan, as well as having a look at common ingredients found inside a vegan pantry.

    We also feature several of our favourite vegan recipes including Vegan Chai Pancakes, and Vegan Dim Sims!

    Vegan Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chilli Read more

  • How to host a Chinese New Year celebration (and a little history behind the event)

    Everyone loves a party, and just as we've recovered from December 31 and Australia Day, Chinese New Year is now upon us! The 15-day celebration allows all members of the Chinese community - from families to farmers and Chinese gods - to let go of the old year and prepare to make the next 12 months as successful as possible. But what traditions surround Chinese New Year? ... Chinese New Year Read more

  • How to make pizza dough

    Pizza doesn’t have to be a lazy meal you get delivered when you can’t be bothered cooking. After all, being bothered to cook is what Best Home Chef is all about!

    While there are a million different toppings you can use to make a great pizza, none of these will help if your pizza’s base isn’t up to scratch. And of course, every great pizza base starts with a high-quality dough.

    Check out our Best Home Chef guide to making pizza dough, and never have to buy a frozen pizza base again!

    flattened pizza dough Read more

  • Lard: a healthy and delicious super ingredient?

    Ladies and gentlemen: presenting, for your eating pleasure, one of the most unfairly maligned food substances of all time – LARD. Best Home Chef takes a look at why this mysterious substance is actually a delicious and – some would say – healthy addition to your cooking!

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  • How to make cake pops

    Cake pops are like lollypops, except made of cake! Great for birthday parties and other special occasions, cake pops are versatile and fun.

    Today, Best Home Chef shows you how to make cake pops from scratch, using a variety of methods. Plus we provide great cake pop decorating tips!

    how to make cake pops with mold Read more