• How to make scrambled eggs

    According to one of our favourite chefs Gordon Ramsay, the true test of any cook is how he or she can scramble eggs. If you've mastered the art of how to poach an egg, then it's time to take things to the next level and learn how to prepare scrambled eggs good enough to please even Gordon Ramsay. Some of our Best Home Chefs have already contributed their ... scrambled eggs no cream Read more

  • We talk to a top Best Home Chef contestant: presenting the wonderful Anna Linhart!

    Anna is a true inspiration for Best Home Chef, having contributed over 90 mouth-watering dishes. We had a chance to talk with Anna about her cooking – her influences and inspirations – to find out a little bit more about the woman behind such a prolific (and delicious) culinary output.

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  • How to make chocolate from scratch

    Chocolate isn’t just a tasty treat, but a versatile ingredient that plays an essential role in a diverse range of recipes.

    If you need proof, just search for “chocolate” on Best Home Chef – you’ll find more than fifty different ways that chocolate can tantalise your tastebuds!

    But while many of us have used chocolate in our cooking, how many of us have had a go at making chocolate from scratch?

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  • Cake decorating techniques for beginners

    Best Home Chef’s cake decorating expert Louise guides you through the basics to creating fun and memorable cakes. If you’ve never decorated a cake in your life, this is for you! Cake decorating is a skill anyone can learn, and it can bring a lifetime of enjoyment – not just for you, but for the lucky people who get to sample your creations.

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  • How to make sushi … like a bad-ass hipster!

    Sushi. One of the most popular foods in the world. Not to mention one of the hippest. And this is Best Home Chef’s how-to sushi guide – guaranteed to make you the hippest person out there.

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  • MEET OUR CONTESTANTS: Courtenay Perks

    Being a mum is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs in the world, and whipping up healthy dinners on weekdays is a challenge that Australia's Best Home Chefs know all too well. But contestant Courtenay Perks has struck a balance between raising three young children under the age of eight and introducing a "food is love" philosophy into her home, as well as finding time to let ... BHC3 Read more

  • MEET OUR MENTORS: Pete Evans for Wolf

    Australia's home cooks might not think that they have the opportunity to directly learn from - or interact - with professional chefs, however Pete Evans is one person who believes this should not be the case. Renowned chef and co-host of My Kitchen Rules, has been cooking professionally for over 20 years and definitely hasn’t lost touch with those of us cooking at home. "Although professional chefs may work 80–100 hour ... pete-evans Read more

  • How to cook a dinosaur, and the difference between red and white meat

    Did you ever watch Jurassic Park and find yourself wondering what it would be like if the tables were turned? What if instead of the dinosaurs eating the humans, the humans started eating the dinosaurs?

    Well, you or I may not have thought about it, but David Varricchio, professor of palaeontology at Montana State University must have at least considered it, judging by an article from Popular Science.

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  • Cool meal ideas for enjoying summer

    Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to put away the ham, turkey and other foods that are traditional for a European winter rather than an Australian summer, and instead start enjoying dishes better suited to the season.

    When the days are hot and dry, or tropical and sticky, something light and cool tends to feel more palatable than a richer meal, and often can also help maintain hydration levels.

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  • Laugh yourself slim with five fabulously funny food shows

    Did you know that laughing can increase your heart rate by around 10 to 20%? Studies have shown that laughter can act as a form of exercise, producing a range of health benefits for people who laugh every day.

    So to help you fit into your bikini this summer, Best Home Chef brings you the world’s best cooking show parodies. It’s not a waste of your time – it’s essential for your health!

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  • Christmas dessert recipes to delight and impress

    Christmas cookies, pudding, fruit cake, trifle and more are all covered in this comprehensive guide to Christmas dessert recipes. We also provide also creative recipe options for people with special dietary requirements. Christmas is a time for celebrating, so dive in and help yourself to that second helping – go on, you’ve been good!

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  • 5 organic ingredients you won’t have thought of: spice up your kitchen in surprising ways!

    Best Home Chef loves a fresh perspective on cooking – so we thought we’d ask around for a few ingredients which are, totally unfairly, underrated or ignored.

    We recently had a chance to talk to Rodney Dunn, who runs the Agrarian kitchen in Tasmania, and asked him for his take on some un-sung heroes in the culinary world. He gave us some ideas that will inject more than a little panache into your cooking.

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  • 8 ideas for what to do with your Christmas leftovers

    Hosting the annual Christmas lunch this year? Even if you plan on preparing a feast mighty enough to satisfy all appetites, you’re more than likely to end up with a substantial amount of food left over after the celebrations are completed.

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  • Eight films starring food in major roles!

    Cooking is great fodder for the movies. The drama, the passion it evokes, the fact that food is such a fundamental in our lives: along with air, water and the celebrity chef. Here’s eight movies with food and cooking as major themes.

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  • An Unexpected Party – fantasy-themed foods for The Hobbit

    Aside from that upcoming seasonal festival involving the giving and receiving of presents, peace and goodwill, the other major event of December 2012 is sure to be the release of An Unexpected Journey; the first film in the new adaptation of The Hobbit from Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson.

    Food is an important part of not only the works of Professor Tolkien, but many similar fantastic tales. Since everybody eats, food is a great way to present a sense of familiarity and common ground to a reader exploring a strange new world of wonder and magic.

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  • Christmas Baking Questions with Pamela Clark

    I want to make small gingerbread houses to give as gifts. How far ahead can I make them? If the weather is dry (not wet or humid), they should last a month. Make sure the walls and roofs of the houses are cooked through properly – they must be firm and crisp, they will soften slightly during the following weeks. Don’t overdo any heavy decorations. Keep the ... gingerbread house Read more

  • How to poach an egg

    Whether it's incorporated into a breakfast dish - such as Nic Midgley's Baked Eggs and Michelle Beckett's Rise and Shine Breaky - or simply enjoyed on their own, eggs make for an easy and delicious meal. But how do you like them cooked? According to a study by the British Egg Industry Council, our preference for poached, boiled or fried can say a lot about our personality. Fans ... poached-eggs Read more

  • How to make French Toast – the perfect breakfast treat (by him for her)!

    Hey guys – this is Best Home Chef’s essential guide to French Toast – the perfect way to treat your nearest and dearest in the morning. Simple, quick, delicious – with wonderful sweet flavours and that delicious aroma, it’s the perfect way to spoil her … or apologise for anything you did the night before!

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  • How to make pancakes

    Want to know how to make pancakes from scratch? It’s super easy! Read Best Home Chef’s guide to creating the world’s most delicious homemade pancakes – guaranteed to impress!

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  • How to boil an egg – classic techniques and quirky tips

    Boiling an egg is one of those basic kitchen skills that most chefs assume everybody knows.

    Unfortunately, many of us are not “most chefs”, and may have skipped over cooking fundamentals in favour of getting straight into the more exciting recipes.

    There is no One True Way for boiling an egg, with every chef having a different opinion on how it should be done. Every technique can work – it’s just a matter of finding the way that’s best for you.

    Here are a few tried-and-true methods for boiling an egg, some tips for making sure you get great results, and some slightly more unusual tricks to try out:

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  • MEET OUR MENTORS: Massimo Mele

    With a name like Massimo Mele, it's not hard to see why the Hugos executive chef has a passion and flair for Italian cuisine. Spending some of his formative years in Italy's Naples region, Massimo and his family moved back to Tasmania when he was eight years old, thus beginning his path to becoming the chef that he is today. "My parents had a restaurant, so I started ... Massimo Mele Read more

  • Top 11 Baking Questions with Pamela Clark

    1. What kind of chocolate should I use in cakes? I’m confused by the different varieties available. For cake making, use an ordinary eating chocolate – white, milk or dark. Compound cooking chocolate doesn't contain as much cocoa butter as eating chocolate, the ingredient that makes chocolate so wonderful. You can buy chocolate in the supermarket that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than ordinary everyday ... cookies Read more

  • Latest and greatest: ten delicious recipes submitted by YOU to Best Home Chef

    At the risk of being accused of favouritism, we’re going to highlight a few of the delicious (submitted) recipes which have caught our eyes (and palates) at Best Home Chef!

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    Mark Best has become one of the biggest names in Australian cooking and regularly features on the roll call of top restaurants from around the country. But Australia's Best Home Chefs might be interested to learn that cooking award-winning food wasn't always what Mark had in mind as a career – far from it, in fact. This is inspiring news for anyone who wants to get into the ... Marque 18/8/08 0050 Read more