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As you may have noticed, I enjoy food immensely. I believe strongly that just because you choose not to eat meat does not mean that you cannot be a "foodie" and have a much wider and varied repertoire than just pasta or salad.

My journey started many years ago in Turkey (my home country) while I was running with my own restaurant. After a downward health spiral based on a meat-centric diet aligned with food we were serving, I started my journey into vegetarianism. Within a very short space of time I found my health vastly improved and learning just how dangerous our consumption of meat can be.

While I was still studying nutrition in Australia, my food and nutrition related articles have been published back in Turkey in an agricultural magazine called Agroskop.

This year, I finished my nutrition related studies. I am now certified in many areas such as Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Ayurveda, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition, Food and Environmental Allergies and am also a Master Therapist of Natural Therapies.

At the moment, I live in Sydney with my husband and an Australian silky terrier.

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  • Winter Herbs & Spices

    31st May 2020

    ginger coriander dill garlic mint oregano parsley rosemary

  • Fresh Market Update: June

    31st May 2020

    June Vegetables asian greens avocados beetroot broccoli brussels sprouts   cabbages carrots cauliflower celeriac celery fennel horseradish jerusalem artichokes kale kohlrabi leeks okra olives onions parsnips potatoes pumpkins shallots silverbeet spinach swedes sweet potatoes turnips witlof June Fruits apples bonza fuji gala golden delicious granny…

  • Sweet & Sour Faux-Pork

    23rd May 2020

    Sweet and Sour Faux-Pork is one fast and satisfying dish, using Gardein sweet and sour porkless bites. I got the recipe from the pack and it works well every time I make it. If you’re craving for vegan comfort food, this might fill the gap…

  • 10 Healthy Plant-Based Snack Ideas

    16th May 2020

    When hunger kicks in, it can be hard to consider healthy snack options. In those moments, you naturally reach out for the closest to you and easiest to consume. To avoid grabbing the high-sugar, processed snacks that will leave you feeling unsatisfied and blah, here…

  • Autumn Herbs & Spices

    8th May 2020

    basil chervil chilli chives coriander dill garlic ginger kaffir lime leaves lemongrass mint oregano parsley rosemary sage tarragon thyme