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Liz is a Canberra based food writer. Her blog, Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things, offers a feast of seasonal recipes with a focus on market fresh produce.

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  • In my kitchen - the catching my breath edition - November 2017

    10th November 2017

    "Gee you're a hard one to pin down," said a lovely friend, who has been trying to secure a lunch date with me for the last few months. "I know, I'm truly sorry. I'd really like to get together, but it's been crazy busy ever since we got back from Budapest," I replied with a sigh. I can't help but feel a little guilty whenever I turn down an invitation, but I just love being at home, spending time with Peter and our nearest and dearest. I relish this opportunity to catch my breath [...]

  • Huskisson, Jervis Bay and the Shoalhaven Foodie Trail - Eat, Stay, Play

    3rd November 2017

    It was with a great deal of excitement that I said "YES, please", when the folks at Shoalhaven Tourism extended an invitation to experience the Shoalhaven Foodie Trail.  With the offer of a specially-tailored adventure, I mentioned that I was keen to visit Jervis Bay.  Actually, it was the area's coastline that I had been longing to see.In the 90s, I worked with the PR team at the Australian Nature Conservation Agency, and one of the highlights of my job was editing the [...]

  • Spinach and ricotta filo (phyllo) pies

    16th October 2017

    Popping in briefly to say hello and share with you a fresh and fast recipe that's also low in fat and ever-so delicious. Peter and I have been travelling again and, in between, have been spending time with loved ones; as well as decluttering the house; and keeping fit with a routine of cycling, swimming and bushwalking.In the meantime, I've been investigating Monash University's low FODMAP diet in the hope that it will help ease my IBS; and alleviate symptoms caused by havin [...]

  • Fitzroy Falls NSW Southern Highlands - Eat, Drink, Play, Stay

    30th September 2017

    The multi-talented Katrina Sparke of Redleaf Farm After enjoying summer months in the picturesque European countryside, I must confess that, once the jet lag passed, I felt a little jaded about coming home to the depths of winter in Canberra. ​"I want to play tourist again," I told Peter. "Some place not too far from home and, preferably, a destination we haven't previously explored." My wish came to fruition with the arrival of an invitation to visit the New South Wales Souther [...]

  • Lately...  a postcard from Fitzroy Falls, NSW Southern Highlands

    19th September 2017

    Hello there dear friends. I'm conscious that it's been a while since you heard from me, hence this short dispatch from Redleaf Farm at Fitzroy Falls. My latest adventures have seen me travelling to a range of glorious Australian destinations, including Huskisson on the Shoalhaven coast, and Fitzroy Falls in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. In the event that you're interested, I've been sharing postcards and morsels from my travels on Instagram. Peter's elderly mam, Joan [...]