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Liz is a Canberra based food writer. Her blog, Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things, offers a feast of seasonal recipes with a focus on market fresh produce.

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  • Sticky beef ribs with macadamia Bulgogi sauce

    14th July 2017

    Sticky beef ribs with macadamia bulgogi sauce (courtesy Australian Macadamias) Every time I see beef ribs in the butcher shop, my mouth starts watering. I love them so. Alas, my man doesn't have the same fondness for this delicious meat-on-the-bone indulgence. Perhaps I need to juzz up my recipe for beef ribs, or find one he's sure to like. Here's the dish that could be just the thing! A macadamia extravaganza that calls for Australian macadamias in both the sauce and the spr [...]

  • In my Budapest kitchen - July 2017

    2nd July 2017

    Greetings to you from Budapest in Hungary, where my summer holidays will soon be drawing to a close. This postcard depicts a stone statue of Saint Stephen (Szent István, 969-1038), King of Hungary, which sits on Gellért Hegy (hill) with the Danube River and Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge) as the magnificent backdrop. It is one of my absolute favourite monuments in this most beautiful city. Having spent a month travelling through Peter's homeland in [...]

  • Raw hazelnut brownies from Hippie Lane The Cookbook

    26th June 2017

    Raw hazelnut brownies from Hippie Lane the cookbook (courtesy Murdoch Books) "Chocolate and hazelnut: who can resist?" writes Taline Gabrielian, founder of Hippie Lane and creator of whole-food, plant-based recipes. "These easy no-bake brownies are almost too good to be true. You don’t need a whole lot of time or ingredients to get these ones happening — but you may find it hard to resist the whole slab!" ​Oh, I'm hearing you, girlfriend! This was just one o [...]

  • Wild Barramundi with Coconut Broth - The Red Spice Road Cookbook

    19th June 2017

    Wild Barramundi with Coconut Broth from The Red Spice Road Cookbook (New Holland) Chef and restaurateur, John Mcleay, of Melbourne's Red Spice Road, says that his love affair with Asian food started when he first set foot in Asia. He has fond memories of the sights, smells and sounds, which thrilled him; and he particularly enjoyed the sensory overload of the exotic foods sold at markets and street vendors. In the introduction and welcome to his book, The Red Spice Cookbook, [...]

  • Dave Ingham on Backyard Chickens and how to keep happy hens

    12th June 2017

    Backyard Chickens by Dave Ingham, published by Murdoch Books (photo Liz Posmyk) "I have always loved birds. I love watching them move. However, it wasn't until university that I first kept [them] as pets or had any relationship with chickens other than my surname (synonymous with poultry in Australia, but no relation),"writes Rentachook founder, Dave Ingham, in the introduction to his book, Backyard Chickens - how to keep happy hens​.  A.k.a. "Mr Chicken", Ingham s [...]