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  • We need bigger hearts and a world with more cake

    24th September 2017

    I doubt it will come as a shock that increasingly our social media feeds are really just a synopsis of all that is broken in the world.Our phones becomes an endless scroll of our departed music idols, publicised terrorist attacks and a catalogue of human cruelness and suffering. I say publicised terrorist attack knowing full well there are many more attacks in parts of the world we will never ever hear about on the news.We can show our social media support for programs like Go back to Where You Come From and Filthy Rich and Homeless but I doubt a re tweet ever stops you being hungry.There is a point while wishing someone will do something about this that you work out that you are in fact someone.This moment came for me a few of months ago during my normal commute when I saw a poster than had been defaced

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  • Podcasts about food and eating to make you happy and hungry

    30th August 2017

    There are so many wonderful podcasts about food and eating that I wanted to create a list where I could keep a track of them. This list will be a degustation of foodie podcasts with more added over time as I discover them. Please share your favourite foodie podcasts so a place can be set for them.Firstly some shameless self promotion but I host Refreshments Provided with my mate Carly Findlay and she would kill me if I didn't mention us! Our podcast is really summed up by the tagline "you can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be Refreshments Provided..."Rather than talk ourselves up, this is what some of our wonderful listeners have said about us.....the money is in the mail!  "Refreshing, authentic & charming.Just like sitting around the kitchen table with a couple of friends. Refreshments Provided is full of incite & thought provoking topics. I love

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  • Beetroot and blood orange salad with crispy buckwheat

    18th August 2017

    So much of a recipe is all about the "elements" coming together. Skills we have learnt, things we have been given, inspiration we have borrowed all converging on the plate. This salad is a classic example of something borrowed, gifted and stolen.A couple of month ago I went to my second Scarf dinner (pop ups that give young people hand on experience in the hospitality industry) and experienced my first crispy buckwheat in cauliflower dish. The texture was life changing and I had to make it! Crispy buckwheatIngredients130g raw buckwheat25g butter10 g olive oilPinch of salt1 tbsp balsamic vinegarMethodAdd buckwheat to a bowl and cover with cold waterSoak for 30 minsDrain and shake of excess waterIn a non stick fry pan heat butter and oil over medium heatAdd buckwheat and stir gently as it toasts about 8 minutesWhen buckwheat is crisp and brown add balsamic vinegar and coat grainsTake off heat and

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  • Zucchini waffles and the gentrification of the zucchini fritter

    17th June 2017

    A couple of weekends ago I pulled out the last of the zucchini plants as winter has definitely arrived.I thought I should have done this a couple of weeks earlier but to my surprise I still had a couple of zucchini wilfully hanging onto their glorious summer.May 2017While many talk about a zucchini glut, an abundance of zucchinis should really be thought of as a privilege. Earlier this year there was a shortage of zucchinis (courgettes) in the UK sparking the #courgettecrisis. I suspect this was heavily due to it being winter and another reminder that natural champions seasonal eating.The zucchini is a powerhouse of versatility and adds a beautiful moistness to these waffles, aka gentrified zucchini fritters.Seriously there is nothing hipsters love more than an appliance based food item with a craft beer delivered by drone, lamington jaffle anyone?Zucchini wafflesIngredients - make about 2 large waffles1 medium zucchini 200g1 small red onion finely diced85g self

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  • Chow Down to Eurovision 2017- #CelebrateDeliciously Poppy seed biscuits

    7th May 2017

    добрий вечір dobryy vechir Kyiv this is Melbourne calling and I'm sorry that this year I am coming to you via the satellite. But firstly I must say thank you very much, it was a truly really wonderful show to be celebrating diversity for everyone (as required by law if you are Eurovision communicating via satellite) For the past 2 years I have been front and centre, microphone in hand on the Eurovision red carpet. This year I'm going to celebrate diversity by doing something different and going back to my Eurovision roots of the lounge room at 5am. Don't panic I will be back in the bubble next year!While #CelebrateDiversity is a brilliant motto and Eurovision slogan there is always room to make it a little more on brand so.....#CelebrateDeliciouslyCelebrate Deliciously Poppy Seed Biscuits Makes about 16-18Ingredients125g butter125g caster sugar1 large egg1 tsp vanilla bean paste240g plain flour25g poppy seedsMethodCream butter and sugar till

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