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I am a food enthusiast and self-taught cook. My interest in food stemmed from my move to Melbourne in 1997. Following my move the need to be self-sufficient meant; cook, eat fast food or starve. It soon became apparent that I had inherited the family culinary flair from my Mum and Nan. Branching out into the multicultural dining venues of Melbourne and incorporating my findings into home-grown recipes soon had diners commenting on my ability to create flavour sensations.

On returning to Adelaide in 2002 my love of food and cooking developed further, with the Central Markets becoming my second home. My ability to invent and understand flavour combinations has allowed me to develop a smorgasbord of eccentric and enticing recipes.

In my spare time, I maintain a food blog called McFuzzlebutt's Manchen which provides subscribers with insights to my culinary explorations and local food and beverage events. I am also a food reviewer for The Barefoot Review ( which pairs my creative writing skills with my passion for food. Food reviewing takes me to some delightful dining destinations and events, allows me to sample mouth-watering meals and network with like minded people.

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