Paul Rodney Turner

Hi, I am Paul, the Food Yogi. My new book FOOD YOGA - Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul encourages the reader to start making food part of their daily spiritual evolution. FOOD YOGA is the new food paradigm.

Paul Rodney Turner is the international director of Food for Life and the founder of Food for Life Global, the world headquarters for the charity. Food for Life is the largest plant-based food relief in the world with projects in over 50 countries that serves up to 2 million meals daily. Paul was born in Sydney, Australia in 1963 and grew up in Whalan, a part of Sydney's Western suburbs.

At the age of 19, Paul became a monk and remained so for 14 years. It was during this time that Paul refined his cooking skills and immersed himself in the culture of spiritual hospitality, which would later inspire him to write his book, FOOD YOGA.

Paul is a numerologist, artists, poet, and raw gourmet whiz.

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