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As I get older (i'm still clinging onto my 30s), my love for food just grows and grows - both cooking, and most definitely eating. I started my own blog (cookeatblog.com) back in 2007, firstly as an online resource for myself - a place to store all my own recipes. Over the years it's not only a great big recipe book, it's also something I still really enjoy adding too. With over 700 recipes there it's also a log of where my expanding waistline came from.

The type of food I love to cook and eat is not overly fancy - I like good honest food, that doesn't cost the earth to produce. I believe you can create amazing dishes from the most meagre of ingredients.

I would definitely say my first love is for Asian food, especially Indian and South East Asian but I can honestly say I would eat anything and enjoy cooking food from all over the world. I'm a stickler for authenticity and I love nothing more than a day exploring Sydney's amazing and diverse suburbs hunting out an elusive ingredient - and sampling all kinds of food on the way.

I hope you enjoy my recipes.

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