Hannu Verasdonck

Looking for the alternative food chain.

Grow your own veggies, if possible breed your own chicks, or eat wild meat like moose or kangaroo. Collect spices and plants from the wild in your area, like nettle, dandelion leaves and roots, bishop's weed, etc etc

Wild mushrooms are told to be dangerous!? what a joke!
Just learn to know them!! hormones boosted meat or genetic manipulated corn is much more dangerous !

remember when looking for your food in the wild:
1. only collect the plants and mushrooms you know
2. Don't collect them within 75 meters from a bussy road or highway
3. Collect young plants in good condition and don't take them all so you can find them next year again
4. Collect the herbs and plants in dry weather contitions, before noon !
5. dry the herbs and plants, which you dont need to prepare the same day, immediately after you finnished harvesting

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