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Aspiring to be a professional baker. Plan to have my own Bakery Cafe in the future. Facts of Life Blogger.
Not much to say about me. I strongly believe in "To See is To Believe" kind of things.
With financial difficulty, makes me think of new ways to make desserts from scratch and to conserve energy, I have thought of no bake cakes to implement in the market
Contact me if you have a way for me to learn how to get my Baker Certificate. Thank you... Happy 2014!!!

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    6th January 2014

    Hello Everyone! If there is anyone who can read this, I would greatly appreciate it if you can send me comments regarding this small story about how I got started with my project. Although I never thought of myself as a business person from when I got started in Canada. Indeed I was born here in Canada but I was raised in the Philippines. I grew up in a farm where I learned the difficult living of a farmer and I observed how people that used to work for my grandmother in the farm was happy even with the small amount of money they were making to work in the farm as long as they have food to eat on a daily basis. So this is my introduction of myself.In 2007, I was working in a film industry which was my 5th Film Industry that I have worked for in

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    5th January 2014

    When do you know when an opportunity comes your way?How would you identify when the opportunity that is for you is right in front of you?Who do you think are the people that would give you a chance to see that the opportunity is knocking at your door? What kind of opportunity do you think you are searching for? Did you think that the opportunity that you are searching for is really for you? What are your desire? What do you wish for? What are your goals?These are the questions you must ask yourself when you think an opportunity just passed by without you knowing it. We always hear other people saying, "Everything happens for a reason". Or, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get". These are just a few of the sayings with deep meaning that happens in our everyday life. Another one is, "We are

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    9th November 2013

    Founded in 2011, Isinay Foods Restaurant has been surviving the challenges in the Business World of Food Industry. The owners, Edwin Lucas and Rosana Lamoste with their only son Erick Lucas and sister Nelly Lucas are the ones who are helping each other to work together to be able to serve the growing amount of customers they are now serving on a daily basis. Although the location is not being recognize by many consumers at the moment, it really helped a lot when a newly dedicated Church of Christ Chapel closeby and the members have recognized their specialties in Filipino and Canadian food that are being serve freshly cooked as being ordered by individuals.Isinay Foods Restaurant is doing their best to utilize the traditional filipino hospitality to their regular customers. They are open for suggestions from their customers and they are providing the most welcoming service that their customers feel

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  • WHAT IF.......?

    31st August 2013

    It all started with a simple thought of, What if I can contribute to the young businesses during the recession times when they cannot afford the expenses of advertising their business with little or no cost to them? Consumers would like to save money on their necessities or their treatment for themselves after a long hard work, they would like to save money on a once in a while family get together to eat out, they would like to treat their pets in a minimal expense. What if.....There was an email I received coming from a friend who has given me a gift that would save me money on how to drive a speedboat. And unfortunately, I was not able to use the coupon/voucher to drive a speedboat. So he decided to ask for the voucher back so he can use it with his family before it expires.Then it came

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    31st August 2013

    It does not matter where you are in the world, there is always a company that are in Multi-Level Marketing.We can name a few;AVON - the oldest and still is the #1 in the market of Networking and MLM with the product of Beaty Peoducts and Fashion jewelries and others...USANA - Health Products...SEACRET - Beauty ProductsMONA-VIE - Health Supplementand others that are still booming and still trying to compete with other companies that have a better compensations and claiming to have more income in return....A lot of people have been aspiring to be successful in this type of business but are not determine to focus on one thing and one thing only. But who are we to judge individuals actions? Some have not found the right shoes for them to keep walking with, thats why they keep joining different MLM companies until  they think they are fit in the right place

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