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I'm a busy wife and mother to 5 healthy little boys. My husband is Moroccan so most of our cooking tends to lean towards to Mediterranean side of foods. I love to cook and bake. I live by the philosophy that full tummies = happy hearts. With so many growing boys in this house you can be sure there is always a tummy needed to be filled !

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  • It’s been a long time baby

    12th March 2016

    So I have just remembered that I had this old blog happening and flipping through I cant help but remember where I was and where I am now. I’ve learnt so much since I began knitting and crochet. I’ve made many projects and given many gifts. I’m going to try to remember to blog again […]

  • I DID IT =D …. and then not so much haha

    3rd May 2014

    My FIRST granny square made with Bendigo Woollen Mills pink luxury wool yarn. *does a happy dance* I’m trying a different type tonight hehe

  • Off Topic – Look What I’m Buying

    1st May 2014

    So…… Recently my husband and I bought a gorgeous new sofa and as I like to sit knitting mostly at night when the babes are asleep I thought I NEED a nice lamp to knit under. One of my besties Amber bought a GORGEOUS lamp from Illume Shades and when I saw what she layby’d […]

  • Crochet….

    30th April 2014

    I’m thinking to start learning to Crochet. I keep intending to learn but then I get side tracked by the kids or something else that NEEDS doing. Are there any tried and true ways you have learnt to do it? I want so much to make the gorgeous toys that my friends do with crochet […]

  • I WON YARN !!! wooohoooo Toomuc Valley Yarns Prize =D

    23rd April 2014

    Today I was blown away by winning some gorgeous yarn from one of my very favourite stores Toomuc Valley Yarns. You can see what delights she sells in her store here I won FOUR SKEINS !! can you believe !! that’s just BEYOND generous :O  I’m still so very surprised and omg excited hahahaha I […]