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  • Ranch Chicken Tacos and How to start your weekly cooking schedule; 1st post out of 5

    8th April 2017

    No matter how I try to have time to post on my blog, it seems that 24 hours a day are not enough...Have I ever said that?!!! Oh wait!!!Yes!! A thousand times!!! Sometimes I find it very strange how some friends of mine say they are bored!! I want to reach to that point but it never happens...I guess I am lucky in a way..I can't imagine sitting around doing nothing...NOPE!!! NOT ME SIR!!!So I am preparing myself to a crazy month and a half before Ramadan. Between travels outside Jordan for my work at the Jordan River Foundation, delegation visits from visitors outside Jordan, new items to be launched on my menu including frozen stuff and desserts, my wonderful Haroon and his schedule and of course many other things here and there...I will survive..I keep telling myself. I am travelling this Tuesday and I will be back after a week,

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  • Harira soup with sweet potatoes and carrots & menu #4

    18th February 2017

    New week and its freezing in Amman. Looking back at all the food that I have been making I find my self constantly drawn towards warm, cozy, comfort food. I have made tons of soups in the past few weeks that ranged from the typical ones to the ones with a twist.Today's recipe is a very Moroccan classic soup but I made some changes in it to add nutrition (not that it lacks it in any way) and some sweetness as well. Its Harira soup with sweet potatoes and carrots...mmmm it was a hit and everyone and I mean everyone including the picky Sultan loved it. Its hearty, filling and very nutritious.And before I forget, how is the saving this week? I added 6.5 JDs to the jar :) Am getting excited as this is piling up. Now I promised you a new saving challenge for those who can't commit

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  • Peanutella cookies, menu No. 2 & 3

    10th February 2017

    Disclaimer:I started writing this post Saturday the 5th of January but finished today; shocking!!! So am behind 2 weeks so am sorry!!!Post on the 5th of JanuarySo its Saturday AGAIN!!! Yes it is a tiring day for me though its the weekend as all that doesn't get done around the house is done usually on this day; grocery shopping, week cooking, loads and loads of laundry (thank God for the helper I have around who manages to take care of that) and of course orders here and there for my lovely customers.I am still getting lots of questions about the weekly cooking and I stand by what I said; this works for me not necessarily you; it depends on how picky your family is. Taking out my eldest son, Sultan, we are a very forgiving family who love and enjoy a home cooked meal. To me weekly cooking not only

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  • Homemade Peanutella and menu No. 1 for the week

    27th January 2017

    The storm is about to hit Amman and we are expecting some snow tonight...not that I am very excited but I wish it was during the week...(so speaks the working woman!!!). I just remember how I hated snow when I was staying at home as it meant all children and hubby at home, going out to play in the snow, wet clothes, messy home and lots and I mean lots of cooking!!! Well, the only part I enjoyed was the last one :)Hubby and 2 teens will be back from Dubai I am trying to enjoy my last day of freedom hehehehe...I have to admit I miss them but it was lovely spending some time alone with Haroon...I didn't cook last week...its only the two of us and my Mom was so sweet, she sent food for Haroon while I ate mostly at work or anything...a nice break indeed.Now

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  • Moist Chocolate cake with chestnuts butter cream

    21st January 2017

    Its the first post in 2017, Happy New Year everyone. (Note: I started writing this post on the 2nd of January!!! Seriously what is wrong with time?!!!! Still I kept the post as is)I took the 2nd day of the year off of work (the first day was off anyway) but since everyone in the house is off, it doesn't count as a constructive day at all though I had two big customer orders and boy was I busy.After travelling 4 times last year, I kind of neglected the house; so today was my day to try to get as much done as possible. I started off by sending few work emails that couldn't be postponed (I designated an hour to that), then I started to de-clutter the guest room. I had so many; and I mean so many, things laying around there as it is the room that no

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