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  • الدجاج الاسيوي بالعسل ومشروع منزلي

    9th August 2017

    بعرف شو رح كلكم تقولوا...وبعدين معها هاي؟ كل شوي بتغط وبترجع بتطلع بتعتذر عن التأخير وبتحجج بحجج وانها ما بتحط بوستات... معكم حق الصراحة...واحدة من المتابعات قالتلي مدونتك عاملة ريجيم ههههههه...وبيزعل المزبوط لانه الوقت مش زابط....يعني شو اعمل عشان الاقي وقت...اكطع حالي يا خالاتي؟!!! :)المهم اني قررت انه اذا بدي اكون حكيمة رح ارجع اكتب بالعربي بس ...الكتابة باللغتين برضه متعبة جدا....لنشوف اذا هاد الاشي رح يساعد او لا في اني ارجع المياة لمجاريها :)اليوم الشغل معقول فقلت اخطفلي ساعة زمن واحط بوست...رح يكون مليان لاني عن بكون نشيطة على سناب تشات بس ما بقدر اني الحق على السناب والمدونة..يعني جد تقطيع رسمي..بس جد الي ما بتحب سناب تشات...تجربه رح تغير رأيها ..انا كنت من هدول وغيرت رأيي بعد ما جربته...طبعا في تفاهات كتيرة...بس انا بصراحة ما بتابع اي اشي...اللي بتحب اتابعني هي اكاونتي نرجع للمفيد...اليوم رح اشارككم مشروع لمبة...ههههه ...لا مش اسم مشروع تنموي...مع انه والله الاسم "كاتشي" :) لمشروع

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  • Two ingredients Popsicle & Berries juice in a snap :)

    13th July 2017

    Since the start of technology invation, I have been riding the wave until the applications started piling up and there was no way I can keep up with all these social media channels. So I was on facebook since 2007, followed by twitter (not very active), then pintrest (my favorite), instagram (my second favorite), whatsapp ...of course!! Nonetheless, my followers have been demanding I go on snap chat. I was really worried that I can't keep up with all of this without dropping the ball!!! God knows I have dropped it so many times and this blog has suffered from that too. However, I downloaded the app a long time ago but didn't get into it until the past few days..and surprisingly I am digging it :)So I am a snappie now... If you want to follow me my account isNow...since the start of putting recipes I have decided that

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  • Atayef

    10th June 2017

    Its mid Ramadan time fly by or what?!!! And though its mid Ramadan...the kind of sweets in Ramadan will remain the main hero...did you guess what the name of this dish is? YUP...Atayef...its the one dessert that is technically associated with Ramadan for some reason and people don't enjoy eating it anytime during the year except for this time and are never tired of eating it every single day for 30 days straight!!!In Jordan you can find it in every single bakery...its very cheap and I don't usually make it at home...not that it is difficult but rather ...why bother if the ready made ones are just as good and very very affordable. However, I understand that many of my readers are living abroad and don't have an easy access to the delicious dough pan cake look alike. Yes another example of how there are so many similar recipes

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  • Lugaimat

    9th June 2017

    In Ramadan we love fried desserts soaked with sugary syrup...why? I guess we feel since we didn't eat all day long that we have every right and excuse to indulge in these syrupy super sweet desserts. Usually we love them in winter too...the excuse?! Its too cold and we need sugar to stay I said its only an excuse....Today's recipe is another proof of how every country and region have the same form of food but with a different twist, sauce, and of course name. So for today's dessert there are other forms of things like it...donut holes, fritters, beignets...etc. The recipe for today is one of the most popular desserts in Ramadan. It comes with different recipes, fillings, sauces and names. Its rounded in shape and deep fried. In the Middle East we tend to call it "Awameh", and some call it "Zalabia", however today's recipe is the

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  • Layali Lubnan Tart & Kale salad with Tahini Dressing

    6th June 2017

    Busy days here in my kitchen...with the catering business picking up as it is the food season after all...I have been making a lot of delicious desserts and catering for Iftar food in addition to the frozen items like Kubbeh and other...So I promised a recipe every day and I haven't kept my promise so far...therefore, I will make up and for the past two days and post two recipes today...a delicious dessert, a very healthy salad  that you will just love...Let's get started...The salad recipe is non typical...its a kale salad with a Middle Easter Twist...Kale Salad with Tahini dressingIngredients:1 bunch (pack of kale) washed, dried and roughly chopped10 cherry tomatoes halved1 large cucumber sliced1 can garbanzo beans, drained, rinsed and dried3/4 tsp cumin1/2 tsp paprikaSalt, pepper2 Tb EVOOA dash of sumaq (Middle Easter spice that is know for its sour taste and burgundy color)For the sauce:1 Green onion

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