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Sydney food blogger, pom down under. I love to cook things from scratch including cheese and meat.

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  • Chorizo Fresco from Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain

    7th April 2014

    I love to make things from scratch. Whether that be bread, cheese or meat I get great satisfaction making things that most people would only ever dream of buying from a supermarket. Last year I did a lot of cheese making, but it meant my meat making suffered. Both require a fridge to be kept […]

  • Childhood Favourites: Arctic Roll

    20th February 2014

    I am a child of the 80’s. Yes, I spent a decade eating chicken nuggets, potato waffles, beef burgers, Viennetta and Angel Delight.  It is a miracle that I didn’t contract Mad Cow Disease with the amount of questionable quality, processed beef I ate.  My diet was very different back then but I look back […]

  • Say Cheese: Goat’s Curd Ice Cream with Poached Pears

    17th November 2013

    I have many draft blog posts in my WordPress account that will never be published because I am either not happy with the recipe, despite testing and retesting or I wasn’t happy with the photos.  This is another of those recipes that needs a bit more work but time has failed me and as The […]

  • Making Cheese at Home #9 Goat’s Curd

    16th November 2013

    It’s been way too long since I made cheese at home.  The one thing you can’t do when you have no kitchen or your kitchen is in a mess is to make cheese because you really need a clean, sterile environment.  You also need time to make cheese, which I have also been a bit […]

  • SABH November – Say Cheese!

    3rd November 2013

    It’s no secret that I love cheese. I eat cheese, I cook with cheese and I even make cheese from scratch. So when I was given the opportunity to host the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop there was no question what the theme would be – cheese of course! The Sweet Adventures Blog hop is a […]