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Friend of Best Home Chef and Editor and Food Director of The Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks, Pamela Clark has been one of Australia's most loved and respected food experts for over 50 years. Pamela has a wealth of knowledge about cooking and says, "Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask my advice about a recipe, a cooking query, or some problem related to the kitchen."

Keen to share her knowledge and insights with the Best Home Chef community, Pamela will be guest blogging regularly with all of the latest news and expert advice about home cooking.

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  • Pamela Clark answers your questions about desserts

    8th February 2013

    My family loves chocolate brownies, but we prefer them soft and fudgy inside. What’s the secret to getting this result every time? Usually, it’s all about the baking time. Drop the baking time back by 5 minutes each time you bake brownies until you get the consistency that suits your taste, and don’t forget to [...]

  • Christmas Baking Questions with Pamela Clark

    4th December 2012

    I want to make small gingerbread houses to give as gifts. How far ahead can I make them? If the weather is dry (not wet or humid), they should last a month. Make sure the walls and roofs of the houses are cooked through properly – they must be firm and crisp, they will soften [...]

  • Top 11 Baking Questions with Pamela Clark

    19th November 2012

    1. What kind of chocolate should I use in cakes? I’m confused by the different varieties available. For cake making, use an ordinary eating chocolate – white, milk or dark. Compound cooking chocolate doesn’t contain as much cocoa butter as eating chocolate, the ingredient that makes chocolate so wonderful. You can buy chocolate in the [...]