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SarahKate Abercrombie is an American expat, a Georgia peach and a very keen home cook who loves Sydney, gummi bears, red wine and cast iron. SarahKate is the cook and host at Mi Casa-Su Casa, a speak easy supper club in the Eastern Suburbs. You can find more of SarahKate's recipes and writings on her food blog-

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  • Why do I cook?

    20th June 2013

    I’ve been thinking a lot about cooking lately.  Not in the offhand “What are we going to have for dinner tonight?” kind of way.  More in the “What does cooking mean to me?  What do I want home cooking to … Continue reading →

  • A down home Southern dinner

    15th May 2013

    Last weekend we hosted a beautiful mix of friends old and new for a down home Southern dinner at Mi Casa-Su Casa.  It was a deeply satisfying menu to write and meal to cook, and I hope our diners felt … Continue reading →

  • Chihuahuas, enchiladas and moustaches

    8th May 2013

    So, I may have jumped the gun a bit on our Cinco de Mayo festivities this year and hosted a Cinco de Mayo themed Mi Casa-Su Casa dinner in late April.  I just couldn’t wait! The first time we lived … Continue reading →

  • A delicious comedy of errors

    17th April 2013

    We hosted our latest Mi Casa-Su Casa meal last weekend, a lunch for a group of eight people… four adults and four kids!  It was a departure from our usual routine of 10 grown ups having dinner at our place, … Continue reading →

  • Did you miss me?

    2nd April 2013

    So, I think I officially qualify as the World’s Worst Blogger.  I haven’t written here since November.  Ouch.  That’s just harsh.  And kind of sad as I LOVE my little blog and all the inspiring friends I’ve made through this … Continue reading →