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I'm a food fanatic (like most of us on here no doubt) who likes nothing better than to cook a feast for friends on a Saturday. It's almost meditative and is probably responsible for at least 15 of my kilos. My husband loves it too so we enjoy cooking together though we definitely differ on what we like. He's meat mad and I border on vegetarian (even though I do love meat). I'm a recovering bacon addict who now eats no pork products at all and am always selective about the animal products I do eat (always free range, humane dairy where possible, sustainable fish etc) so am always trying to find a dish that we'll both love so it presents the perfect challenge - how do you please a meat eater with veggies? I've surprised myself actually and have found I can recreate most meals I used to love and learned to cook foods I never planned on cooking (I've become quite the seafood queen). The best is when I slip something past my husband and he's so distracted by the taste is doesn't occur to him that there's no meat.

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