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I'm Kristy, twenty and engaged to my very own southern gentleman. I have my own blog, Southern In-Law, which is about life, love, food, gluten free eating, weddings, healthy eating and just about everything in between.

I'm a coeliac with a million and one food intolerances and I am passionate about healthy eating. My recipes are ones that taste incredible - but are also a million times better for your body - so enjoy healthy living!

I'm from Sydney, Australia and my Fiance is from Louisiana, USA - we're currently 10, 000 miles apart but soon that's all going to change. So head to and follow me on my journey of visas, weddings, food, ramblings and so much more.

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  • The Ultimate Gluten Free Guide to Disneyland (Includes Allergy Menus!)

    23rd June 2019

    How to Eat Gluten Free at Disneyland – This Disneyland Gluten Free Guide shares allergy menus, where to eat, what to eat, where to stay and how to save money to help you have the best gluten-free trip to Disneyland. Includes full menus and options for Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge with tips for mobile ordering, our favourite snacks and desserts, eating with food allergies or coeliac disease and more. Click to pin this post on Pinterest!Travelling with coeliac disease is hard - but it doesn't have to be! When we were planning our Disneyland trip last year, I struggled to find one place outlining all of the gluten free options, so I decided to create one. This Gluten Free Guide to Disneyland includes where to stay, what to eat and even how to save money. You'll find full menus, lists of

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  • Recent Things: Birthday Plans and Book Writing

    20th June 2019

    Hellooo! Happy Friday! This week has flown by, just like the year has, and I'm really hoping time would slow down over the weekend so I can soak it all in! This week has had me feeling like I need a vacation... so I've been researching, googling, dreaming and then getting back to work 😜But before I can get to future vacations, I've got to catch you up on our week!Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> Keep reading this post »Head to the post to read it in full - and be sure to let us know you're reading!

  • Recipe: Vitamin C Flu Fighter Smoothie

    18th June 2019

    This Vitamin C Flu Fighter Smoothie Recipe is one of my favorite cold remedies when you have a sore throat or need a healthy vitamin boost. Combining orange, pineapple, mango and carrot it is full of flavour and will give your immune system a boost! Healthy, gluten free, grain free, paleo, vegan and refined sugar free. Add coconut water for extra electrolytes if you like!Click to pin this recipe on Pinterest!I don't drink smoothies regularly, but every time I have the flu, they're the only thing I want. When I woke up last week with a horrible sore throat, I knew a vitamin packed smoothie was exactly what I needed - and this smoothie recipe was born!Full of vitamin C and flavour, this smoothie is super simple to make and even contains a hidden veggie!Click to pin this recipe on Pinterest!Combining mango, pineapple, orange and

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  • Recent Things: Lunch With a View and a Side of the Flu

    13th June 2019

    Helloooo, Happy Friday! It's a good thing I'm writing to you and not talking to you right now because I have about 0.02% of my voice at the moment because I've been super sick all week 😔Basically, the moral of that story is that you shouldn't assume the sickness is gone from your house and then get slack with essential oils/all cold avoiding methods because all of a sudden you'll wake up and feel like a tiny minion went to town on your throat with a chain saw while you were sleeping. Womp womp. Luckily I managed to fit in some good before that happened though... So let me catch you up on our week! >> Keep reading this post »Head to the post to read it in full - and be sure to let us know you're reading!

  • Recipe: Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Cookies (with Marshmallows!)

    11th June 2019

    Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Cookies Recipe - inspired by steaming mugs of hot chocolate and hot cocoa, this easy cookie recipe is filled with gooey marshmallows and chocolate chips for the perfect treat. Gluten free with no dough chilling required. this tasty cookie has crisp chewy edges and soft centres. Click to pin this recipe on Pinterest!Cookies are always a favourite in our house. They're easy to make, delicious to eat and perfect for sharing.But whilst Jesse would be more than happy if I only made The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe on repeat, I love experimenting with different flavours, ingredients and mix ins. You see, whilst I hated science at school, I think of myself as a bit of a scientist in the kitchen. I just can't leave traditional recipes alone, I need to play with them. So you'll find me in the kitchen with

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