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  • LINK TO RE-SUBSCRIBE! We have moved our website

    9th March 2014

    Hello gurus! We have a new website and if you would like to continue to receive our recipes and articles straight to your inbox, you will need to re-subscribe using the following link will only take a second, we … Continue reading →

  • Raw Food vs Cooked Food

    24th January 2014

    The raw food diet consists only of raw foods and some foods cooked at very low temperatures. Popular at the moment, the raw food diet contains high levels of plants, seeds, oils, nuts, vegetables and fruit – all highly nutritious … Continue reading →

  • We’re having a baby!

    21st January 2014

    There’s going to be a BABY GURU! Due 1st August, we are so excited to share the news with you all!

  • The Truth About the Paleo Diet

    19th January 2014

    Hugely popular, the Paleo diet follows the premise that eating as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did will help to shed kilos and prevent chronic disease. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet is based upon eating the way our ancestors … Continue reading →

  • Are You Doing the Right Thing?

    8th January 2014

    There is so much nutrition info floating out there. One week your told the Paleo diet is the only way to eat, the next you learn it is low in calcium and vitamin B and can cause deficiencies. Which way … Continue reading →