Angela H.

Hello :-)

I am Angela and I am a passionate home based Vegan Chef! Well, my friends gave me that title, haha.

I changed to a vegan diet almost 3 years ago and this was the best desicion in my life! I always loved to cook --- but since I changed everything, cooking is even more exciting for me. I run a cooking page and I am also present on Facebook as Veggie_Art. I love to show people that a vegan diet is so special and that there is almost nothing you have to miss --- I create my own cheese, I make my own sausages, steak and even fish dishes. I am German/Austrian but I life in Australia ---- I am close to the European cuisine and my favorite is Italian, Greek, German and Austrian cuisine.

I am excited to show some of my recipes --- lots of I create for myself --- to you. When you like it, I am more than happy :-)

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