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I fell in love with cooking when I was 12. It was a trap actually, conceived by my mum who left her favorite magazine in my room. Opened it once, set my eyes on a beautiful photo recipe and in a few minutes later I found myself exploring different tastes and flavors. Later I learned that we women can do anything to a man with a full stomach so I still use it as a powerful weapon as there is need to 'control' three beautiful men residing under one roof. Once a week giving cooking classes to younger family members, in order to prepare them for the time when they will fly away.

I come from Serbia and Croatia, where cuisine is influenced by Hungarian, Viennese, Italian and Central European cuisine but is also influenced from the East, especially Arabic and Turkish. Our traditional cuisine mainly uses pork, chicken, veal, and lots of vegetables but cream, butter and cheese are on our menu regularly. As we have long and cold winters we prepare smoked and cured meat like: sausages, kulens, smoked ham etc. We also make sauerkraut (sour cabbage), pickling vegetables and jams and marmalade and store it for our white winter.

Typical meat dishes include goulash, roast meat, venison, stew, fish, sarma, stuffed capsicum, cevapi, burek etc. We also like our food hot and spicy.

Home made fowl or beef soup is an art that we are very passionate about.

We bake a lot, whether its bread or cakes and making home made pasta is our tradition.

I love different flavors from around the world, have a sweet tooth but food presentation and decorations are very important 'ingredients' of my creations.

Spotted "Best home chef' in a magazine !!!
Falling in a trap, once again :-))

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