African Recipes

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Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply looking for something different to cook, African cuisine offers delicious flavours that are guaranteed to delight and impress. Rice, flat bread, rich stews and earthy flavour combinations are all typical of African cooking.

Ingredients commonly found in African cuisine include peanuts, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, chilies, onions, okra and ginger, as well as meats such as chicken, beef, and sometimes even crocodile. There are also variations in cuisine depending on which part of Africa the recipe is from. For instance Southern African food is a blend of many cultures – including the indigenous African tribal societies, and the European and Asian communities. Alternatively, West African cuisine tends to be quite starch heavy, and heavily spiced.

Other African recipe ideas include Suya – which is essentially a beef, chicken or fish skewer rubbed in dry spice mix containing cayenne pepper, paprika and onion powder, and then barbequed. Flat bread is also a common feature of African cooking, such as the Ethiopian delicacy known as Injera. Bread is an excellent accompaniment to stew as it makes it easy to mop up the sauce.