Asian Recipes

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Asian cooking is flavoursome, delicious, and often quite healthy. If you’ve got a gas cooktop and a wok, it’s quick and easy to whip up a fresh stir fry packed full of nutrition and deliciousness. Discover how simple it can be to create an Asian-inspired feast at Best Home Chef.

If you have a tried and tested Asian recipe, please feel free to share it for the Best Home Chef community to enjoy! Whether you’re cooking a quick lunch or an indulgent dinner for a special occasion, Asian cooking is versatile and exciting. Bold ingredients such kimchi and schezuan peppers can add a kick to your dishes, while more subtle flavours such as ginger, garlic, and oyster sauce can add depth. Asian cuisine also gives you an opportunity to utilise fresh vegetables and lean cuts of chicken, beef, pork, as well as endless varieties of seafood.

Whether you are looking for healthy recipes or party recipes, Asian cooking gives you plenty of options. Browse the Asian recipe collection at Best Home Chef to find tomorrow night’s dinner!