Australian Recipes

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When Oprah visited Australia in 2011, she was treated to samples of Australian cuisine, including but not limited to Vegemite, of course. She also got to eat sausage sandwiches, served on white bread with a perfectly barbequed sausage, plus grilled onion and tomato sauce. And yes, prawns were also included on her Australian menu, although we’re unclear as to whether the cooking method involved ‘chucking’ them on the barbie or not.

Although Australia is a relatively young country, we still have a fair amount of truly Australian recipes. Pavlova is one (although technically this dish belongs to New Zealand), and Peach Melba is another. And let’s not forget the classic steak, veggies and chips – seen on pub menus around the nation, and an enduring favourite on dinner tables even to this day.

Best Home Chef gives you an opportunity to have fun with Australian classics such as Anzac biscuits and lamingtons. So get creative Australia, and show us what you’re made of!