Dessert Recipes

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To the sweet tooth, dessert is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Plus if you’ve got a bit of an artistic streak, dessert gives you a chance to create something beautiful, too. Best Home Chef has dessert recipes to delight, inspire and impress even the harshest critic – so if you’re looking for inspiration you’ve come to the right place.

There are desserts for all sorts of occasions. Cakes are perfect for birthdays, engagements, and weddings, while pies, flans and tarts are great for morning tea, or as a delicious after-dinner treat. Puddings are perfect for winter, providing warming comfort during the colder months. Alternatively, during summer you might like to try lighter options such as fruit salads, pavlovas and sorbets.

For best results, always use quality ingredients. Seasonal fruits taste better, and they tend to be cheaper too. And if you’re making a chocolate dessert, always try to use the best quality cooking chocolate in your dish. The same principle applies to the ice-cream, cream or custards you use to accompany your dessert – the better the quality, the more impressive the overall experience will be.