Eastern European Recipes

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From goulash to blinis to borscht, Eastern European recipes are nourishing and comforting. Including dishes from Austria, Hungary, Poland and Russia, Eastern European cooking is packed with flavour and delicious ingredients. Except to use a lot of paprika, dill, and sour cream to make rich dishes that are steeped in history and tradition.

Since a common characteristic of Eastern European countries is cold weather, many of these recipes are best suited to winter. Think rich and hearty stews bubbling away on the stovetop, and roast chicken and vegetables crisping in the oven. Plus the desserts are decadent and satisfying, often including sweet wine and cream.

Best Home Chef gives you an opportunity to create Eastern European recipes with a modern twist. Have fun in the kitchen and see if you can give beef stroganoff or potato pancakes your own personal touch. Share your favourite Eastern European recipes and pick up cooking tips for your next dinner party right here at Best Home Chef.