Indian Recipes

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Indian dishes are versatile and popular, making them equally great for everyday meals or for big banquets. Generally typified by curries, Indian food is also great for vegetarians because a large portion of India’s population is vegetarian (for religious reasons). So if you want to eat more vegetarian meals or simply if you enjoy eating tasty food, the Best Home Chef Indian recipe section is for you.

The vibrancy of colours and flavours found in Indian cooking is what makes it so appetising and exciting. If you like your food spicy, Indian cuisine is certain to please. Often using generous amounts of garlic, onion, ginger and curry powder, these dishes will inject fun and flavour into your life.

But it’s not all tandoori chicken and vegetable korma – India is also home to some of the world’s most delicious desserts. These include gulab jamun (fried milk balls soaked in sugar syrup), barfi (a sweet made of dried milk with ground nuts), and sandesh – a sweet made from cheese and kneaded with ground sugar and molasses.