Korean Recipes

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Looking for something different for dinner tonight? Why not have a go at creating an authentic Korean meal? Korean cuisine is based around rice, vegetables and meat, served with a variety of side dishes. Kimchi – a Korean delicacy made from pickled cabbage – is also commonly found at Korean meals.

Upload your Korean recipes to Best Home Chef, and share cooking tips and techniques with the community. If you frequently cook Korean dishes, one appliance you cannot live without is a rice cooker. With a good quality rice cooker, you can simply add the rice and water and then let the appliance take care of the work while you focus on the mains.

And if you have an electric hot plate or gas barbeque, you could cook a traditional Korean barbeque at home. Don’t forget to stock up on lots of beef, chicken, pork and seafood, as well as a generous amount of Korean rice wine. Mmm, yum!