Vegan Recipes

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A vegan diet is one which does not include any kind of animal products – including dairy products (such as cheese, milk, and cream) and eggs. The philosophy behind this diet is that farm animals have been known to be mistreated by the food industry, especially in factory farms. So in order to prevent this from happening and to raise awareness for animal rights, vegans stick to eating only plant-based foods.

But you don’t have to be a vegan in order to enjoy vegan recipes. Many people these days are trying to cut back on their consumption of meat and dairy in an effort to lose weight and avoid health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. No matter what your age, eating more fruit and vegetables is a good way to stay healthy and active.

Finally, vegan recipes are simply delicious! You can have fun experimenting with exotic Indian and Asian flavours, and you can discover exciting new ingredients such as tempeh, agave nectar, and quinoa. So dive in and discover your inner vegan right here at Best Home Chef!