Vegetarian Recipes

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If you would like to include more vegetarian dishes in your week, this is the recipe collection for you! Whether you want to whip up a quick vegetable bake for a weeknight meal or a delicious mushroom risotto for a special occasion, you’ll be able to pick up vegetarian cooking ideas right here at Best Home Chef.

Vegetarian recipes are often exciting because they use a wide variety of tasty ingredients and flavours. Indian cooking is well-suited to vegetarian fare because a large portion of India’s population is vegetarian. Asian flavours are also extremely well suited to vegetarian dishes, especially since tofu and cashew nuts can provide a healthy source of protein.

One misconception about vegetarian cooking is that it’s dull – whereas in reality this could not be further from the truth. Any vegetarian or vegan chef can tell you that there’s virtually no limit to what kind of delicious dishes you can create with a little imagination. And not only does vegetarian cooking taste great, it’s also perfect for getting your daily allowance of fruit and vegetables.