Winter Recipes

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Hearty soups, warm bread, indulgent puddings and comforting casseroles – winter is perfect for cooking. There’s just something so satisfying about warming up the oven and creating yummy hot food for your family and friends to enjoy while it’s cold and rainy outside. Plus if you cook at home it means you don’t have to brave the weather to go out and buy it!

Winter is also a great time to have your friends around for dinner. Best Home Chef has recipe ideas for all occasions, guaranteed to delight and impress. Think rich and creamy cheese fondue with freshly baked sourdough bread. Or a spinach and ricotta lasagne served with steamed broccolini and mashed sweet potato. And if you’re looking for winter dessert recipes the possibilities are virtually endless – chocolate soufflé, baked rice custard, stewed fruit and deliciously indulgent sticky date pudding are some ideas you can try when it’s frosty outside.

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the seasonal fruit and vegetables in your winter cooking. The time is right for vegetables like carrots, leeks, beetroot and spinach, and winter fruits like mandarins, apples and lemons.