5 Minutes Treat

  • 5 Minutes Treat
  • 5 Minutes Treat
  • 5 Minutes Treat
  • 5 Minutes Treat
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  • 4 x white slices of toast bread
  • 1 L banana
  • 1 x hazelnut spread
  • 125 g unsalted butter


1 ) Spread butter on toast and put buttered side down on Jaffle maker,then spread over hazelnut spread and cover with bananas ( cut in to circles )Put on another slice of toast,but this time buttered side up.Cover and cook until gold.

2 )Serve with ice cream or just as that or with coffee.

PS.This is very quick,very yummy,very cheap and you can make it any time some body come.I used banana from freezer,but before I put them in to boiling water and the skin come off strait away.It is very handy keep it banana in freezer.
Good appetite.

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  • I haven’t used so much butter, maybe 50 g!
    The taste is great and the folks loved it!


    by Hannu Verasdonck on 05/11/2012, 16:17
    Hannu Verasdonck
    • So I am happy somebody love it.I make it first time and everybody really like it.That is good.


      by ANNA LINHART on 06/11/2012, 06:58
  • Yes it definately is a 5min treat! My youngest daughter has always refused to eat banana but when I made this treat for her she loved it! These days she cant get enough of it!


    by Stephanie H. on 10/11/2012, 00:05
    Stephanie H.