Apple Beetroot Compote

  • Apple Beetroot Compote
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  • 1 x medium size beetroot
  • 2 x big apples
  • 50 g gelling sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 x lemon


serves 2

core and peel te apples and cut ithem into quarters.
Heat the water untill cooking. Add the apples and the gelling sugar. and let it simmer slowly for 8 minutes. take the apples from the pan and leave to cool.
take half of the apple juice apart and leave the rest of the juice in the pan

peel and grate the raw beetroot and cook the gratet beetroots for 5 minutes in the pan with apple juice. Add some lemon juice and let it simmer slowly for another 10 minutes. leave to cool and gell in its juice.

chop the apples in small pieces and add the gelling apple juice and mix well
fill the serving plate with the apple compote and the beetroot compote

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