Barley Porridge

  • Barley Porridge
  • Barley Porridge
  • Barley Porridge
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  • 1 cup coarse ground barley kernels
  • 1,5 cup water
  • 2,5 cups milk
  • 1 cup unsalted nut mix (almonds, cashew, hazel etc)
  • 100 g fresh fruits
  • 1/2 tspn each of fine ground buckthorn, linseed


Serves 4
Instead of your daily quick breakfast with cornflakes or muesli, you seriously should think of a barley porridge alternative!
Ready muesli and most cornflakes brands in the super market contain today up to 20% sugar! However the original Bircher muesli was a mixture of fresh fruits, nuts and a tablespoon of oat flakes soaked in a mixture of condensed milk and orange juice. No sugar added as the health food specialist Bircher-Berner explained already those days, that quick carbonates like sugar are the cause of many modern diseases

During the time you watch TV in the evening your basic barley porridge is easily done! Usually pearled barley is sold, try to obtain coarsely ground barley kernels or grind the pearls before cooking.

Boil the water and add the barley and cook them on your AEG induction cooker on level 4 for 15 minutes add the milk and after 5 minutes turn on level 1 and cook for some 2 hours. Your last action is this: stir well while adding the nuts and set aside to cool overnight (not in the fridge!) In the morning your quick breakfast is ready to serve with fine ground linseed, fine ground dried buchthorns, fresh fruits and fruit juice. The picture shows strawberries
Note: in my triple ā€œsā€ smoked beef recipe I cooked an apple to obtain some apple juice for a gel, the rest of the cooked apple (unpeeled and uncored) just as it is, was used with my porridge next morning!
Any fruit will do!

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  • I will try this.I don’t might have a porridge for breakfast.Quit I like it.


    by ANNA LINHART on 06/11/2012, 16:55