Basic Spaetzle Recipe

  • Basic Spaetzle Recipe
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  • 3 cups plain flour
  • 3 x egg
  • 400 ml milk approx
  • 2 tspn salt


-In a large bowl combine flour, salt, eggs and sufficient liquid to form a soft dough.
Mixture should be of similar consistency to a cake mixture.
-Take a large pot, fill 2/3rds full of water and bring to boil.
-Rinse the Spaetzle Maker in cold water and place on top of pot. Pour half the mixture on to the Spaetzle Maker.
-Using the plastic scraper spread the mixture back and forth through the holes into the simmering water. If mixture is very easy to spread, it is the right consistency. If the mixture is too thin, you will end up with thin spaetzle.
-Remove the spaetzle maker and rest on a plate.
-When Spaetzle float to the top of water, simmer Spaetzle for approximately 3 minutes. Use a skimmer to lift Spaetzle out, place into a bowl or on a platter and keep warm.
-Repeat process until mixture is used up.
Spaetzle are now ready to be served.
Alternatively they can be made ahead of time, and then reheated with a little butter or oil in a frypan, garnish with chopped parsley and ready to eat.
Rinse spaetzle maker in cold water then place in dishwasher or wash with a kitchen brush.

you can always purchase your spaetzle maker from this is where i bought mine from.

can be made Gluten Free as well by substituting the plain flour.

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  • Esther the Spaetzle go with chicken meat and gravy or beef meat with gravy or lamb with gravy.That is always perfect side dish.We love it And when you put …..bit of turmeric into water when you cook that,you will have them so beautiful yellow color and taste is same.


    by ANNA LINHART on 23/06/2013, 17:33
  • If you don’t have a spaetzle maker, you can spread some of the dough on a small flat plate/chopping board and spread it a little and then using a table knife, cut through the dough and off the plate/board into the boiling water. I did it this way for years and the spaetzle always looked like your picture and were delicious.


    by Frances Quinn on 24/06/2013, 00:40
    Frances Quinn
  • by Helen Minns on 25/06/2013, 09:53
    Helen Minns