“bye Bye Hangover “

  • “bye Bye Hangover “
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  • 200 g canned corned beef
  • 75 g canned anchovy
  • 1 x union
  • 1 x shotglass deep frozen vodka
  • 75 g bulgarian yoghurt
  • 1 x salty gherkin
  • 25 g capers
  • 1 x vinegar (from the capers botle)
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 x oil from the anchvy can


This recipe serves one person.

You are taken home safely after a heavy party and next morning you have a terrible hangover and you are hungry…………………….

Here is the right plan for such an emergency:
Keep in your storage a tin of corned beef, a tin of anchovy and a tiny pot of capers. The only thing you need to buy before the party is salted gherkins, union and Bulgarian yoghurt and you have to put your vodka bottle and a shot glass in the freezer!

Fry the union in butter on a medium fire stir now and then and add the oil from the anchovy tin.
In the meantime chop the corned beef and the anchovy in tiny parts.
Add the beef and anchovy to the pan followed by the vinegar from the capers pot.
Cook for another 15 minutes on low heat under a lid
In the meantime cut the salty gherkins in slices and mix the capers through the yoghurt.
Empty the contens of the pan on a plate, poor the yoghurt/caper mix over the mixture and set the sliced salty gherkins on top.
Take the vodka bottle and the shot glass from the friezer and fill the glass !

Enjoy! The deep frozen vodka tastes so sweet in connection with this salty dish!

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  • Old Finnish Recipe:
    Salty Food & More Vodka!


    by Pieter Verasdonck on 24/10/2012, 13:07
    Pieter Verasdonck
  • I don’t know if it works. I hope it’s original.l You may need to get scientific testing done on it. But my problem here is that there is no such food in your entry. Therefore, you may never have ever made it! It’s not a serious entry as far as I can see.


    by Linda Bullard on 01/01/2013, 08:59
    Linda Bullard
    • I notice you do not even have any entries Linda. Yet you are going around criticising every one’s entries. A bit poor form isn’t it. Where are YOUR contributions?


      by Ama Abejja on 05/01/2013, 12:09
      Ama Abejja
      • Please show me where it says you have to enter before you can vote. By the way, I am not criticising everyone’s entries…ony the terrible ones with no photographs or ingredients or other entries which do not fall within the rules of the competition.


        by Linda Bullard on 09/01/2013, 17:38
        Linda Bullard