Celeriac and Cauliflower Soup

  • Celeriac and Cauliflower Soup
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  • 1 x small onion, roughly chopped
  • 1 Tbls rice bran oil
  • 400 g celeriac, after peeling and cut into 2cm cubes
  • 2 cloves garlic, grated with small parmesan grater
  • 500 ml water - if allergy prone, use filtered or bottled without chlorine or fluoride
  • 500 ml liddells low fat lactose-free milk
  • 1 tspn massel's chicken stock powder ~ heaped tspn
  • 1 tspn massel's vegetable stock powder ~ heaped tspn
  • 1 pinch ground nutmeg ~ big pinch
  • 1 pinch celery seed ~ big pinch
  • 2 x bay leaves
  • 2 pinches lotus macrobiotic fine sea salt (taste first before adding)


*Original recipe & blog entry http://recipegeek.com.au/blog/2012/08/08/celeriac-and-cauliflower-soup-lactose-free/ *

This is a fantastic winter soup that’s quick, cheap, makes a great entree or a main meal. It also freezes well.

Leave out the pesto if you want to reduce the fat and eliminate the lactose, but do garnish the soup with some fresh parsley or basil. ~ or not!

1. Take stalks off cauliflower and cut into big florets (about 4cm x 4 cm)

2. Cut ‘knobby bits’ off of celeriac, then peel with potato peeler until you reach the creamy flesh.

NOTE: It is important to get tough casing around the centre. So cut in half. Then flat side down, cut into 2cm slices.

3. When you turn it side on, you may see a pale yellow line. Get a paring knife and peel around the curve just under the line. Do this for each slice. Then cube into 2cm pieces.

4. Pan fry garlic and diced onion in rice bran oil. I use this as the soup has a delicate flavour that is not over-powered such as if you used extra virgin olive oil.

5. Add cauliflower, celeriac, bay leaves.

6. Put in the milk and water with spices in a large saucepan (*dutch oven*). The liquid level should be about level with the vegetables.

7. Gently bring to a light boil over a medium heat, then reduce heat, with the lid on, and simmer over the lowest heat you can do for 30 minutes or until you can test for tenderness. Cauliflower is tender in 15 minutes but celeriac takes about 15 mins longer.*They must both be very soft*.

8. Strain into an 8 cup Pyrex jug. Remove bay leaves.

9. Keep the liquid and return liquid to original saucepan.

10. Purée vegetables slowly using a food stick with this recipe until smooth. I find this better than a food processor and less washing. No LUMPS THOUGH PLEASE!

11. Add the puree to the milk stock, using a whisk so the soup becomes a smooth purée.

12. Keep over a low heat, stir until heated through. Don’t boil it. If you want to check with a thermometer, keep under 175oF

Serve in soup bowls with a good dollop of home-made pesto in the centre and home-made rolls (I will be adding recipes shortly).

Pesto recipe: http://besthomechef.com.au/recipe/basil-pesto/

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  • Yummy! Especially when it’s cold outside, I imagine.


    by Nell Hungerford on 16/08/2013, 14:49
    Nell Hungerford