Crumbed and Fried Edam Cheese

  • Crumbed  and Fried  Edam  Cheese
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  • 500 g edam cheese
  • 1-2 cup plain flour
  • 3 cups breadcrumbs
  • 3 x eggs whisked with milk or water
  • 70 ml low fat milk or water
  • 1 x vegetable oil for frying


1) Peel the cheese and make slices (1 cm thick)put into cold water,then cover in flour,eggs and breadcrumbs.Repeat until all cheese is crumbed.Leave in fridge until you will fried the cheese.

2) Heat oil over medium heat in frying pan,add cheese and fry on both sides until golden brown.Dry on paper towel,keep warm.

3) Serve with your favorite vegetable salad and mashed potatoes.

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