Homemade Curd

  • Homemade Curd
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  • 3 L full cream milk
  • 240 ml white vinegar
  • 1 pinch salt (optional)


1)Pour milk into a bigger saucepan add vinegar and try bring to boil.When you see the milk is coming separate,keep stirring until milk is complete separate.If is still not separate add….bit of vinegar or lemon juice.

2)Put cheesecloth over colander and tight up around with elastic rubber,pour the milk in and strain.Lift from colander the curd and leave to strain.

PS I put that over kitchen sink tub to strain little bit.The curd could be used for buns,but you have to added sugar,custard and …..bit of milk,make mixture,or if you add in chopped chives little bit salt and black pepper you will make nice spread on Vienna bread.But first used butter,then curd.

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