Homemade Sausages

  • Homemade  Sausages
  • Homemade  Sausages
  • Homemade  Sausages
  • Homemade  Sausages
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  • 1 kg pork mince
  • 1 kg beef mince
  • 2 x packets of cevapcice pljeskavice seasoning ( from iga supermarket )
  • 2 pinches black pepper
  • 2 tspn caraway seeds(very fine grinded )
  • 1 1/2 Tbls smokey paprika
  • 1 tspn garlic(crushed)
  • 280 ml lukewater


1)In big bowl mix both mince together.Add all ingredients and mix again well.

2)On Kenwood machine set up the attachment for filling sausages and start fill the sausages with meat mixture.

3)For sausage skin ask your local butcher.

4)Cook the sausages your favor way.

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  • These look delicious. Would love to make my own one day


    by Melissa Darr on 27/04/2013, 20:09
    Melissa Darr
    • Melissa my parents always make that.I want make my own,so I put the ingredients what is as little bit of Hungarian country,but I could add little bit chilli powder.Maybe next time.But the taste was excellent.When you make,you have to taste,but don’t swallow.


      by ANNA LINHART on 28/04/2013, 08:52