Honey Cheese Cabana Quiche

  • Honey  Cheese  Cabana  Quiche
  • Honey  Cheese  Cabana  Quiche
  • Honey  Cheese  Cabana  Quiche
  • Honey  Cheese  Cabana  Quiche
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  • 1 and 1/2 L zucchini ( grated on biggest holes on grater )
  • 230 g lean bacon (cut to small pieces and fried )
  • 400 g honey cheese cabana (cut into smaller pieces and fry )
  • 1 x brown onion(finely chopped)
  • 2 cloves garlic(crushed)
  • 125 g buttom mushrooms (chopped )
  • 1 L large carrots (grated on biggest holes on grater )
  • 12 x eggs(lightly beaten just with fork) )
  • 1 cup self - raising flour
  • 300 ml thickened cream
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 1 x red capsicum (cut to strips )
  • 150 ml bread crumbs


1)In medium pan fry on medium heat bacon and cabana until lightly brown.Put into a bowl.In same pan heat oil,add onion and fry until lightly brow.Add garlic and cook 1 minutes.Add mushrooms,carrots,zucchini,stir and cook …2 minutes.Transfer this into a bowl,mix with bacon and cabana.Let it cool down.

2)In another a bowl mix flour,eggs,1/2 cup of bread-crumbs and milk and pour into vegetables and bacon and cabana is.Mix all well.If you can taste and see,if anything need to be added.

3)Grease baking pan with butter and dust with remaining bread-crumbs.Pour the mixture in and bake in oven on 170 C…..1 and 1/2 hour or when you put the skewer in must be nice and dry.(When is getting to dark,cover the top with aluminium foil)

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  • I haven’t tried honey cabana but that looks delicious! :)


    by Sarah Lewis on 29/01/2013, 23:15
    Sarah Lewis
    • Sarah, and is very soft when you finish cooking.The best is use baking dish you can open as that one I use.Only baking take it ….bit more time.Have a nice day and good luck in cooking.


      by ANNA LINHART on 30/01/2013, 12:51