Kebba In Yogurt

  • Kebba In Yogurt
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  • 1/2 kg burgle
  • 1/2 kg mince coarse
  • 1/2 kg mince fine


Kebba in yogurt


½ kilo fin burgle washed and drained(do not soak)
½ kilo fine minced meat (for kiba
½ kilo coarse minced meat (for stuffing)
2 onion chopped fin
Salt + pepper
Oil for frying
½ cup pine nuts
1kilo of yogurt
6 cups of water

How to prepare the dough:

Put burgle in a big dish then add minced beef , then add salt and pepper, taste
Add a little water to work the dough when it comes together let rest.
Method of making the filling: Put the miced beef in a pot with a little oil and fry, then add the onions and pine nuts, then add pepper and salt to taste.
Cut the dough in pieces and then fill the small kibbas with cold filing until all is finished put aside. As in the picture.
Put a pan on the fir with oil start frying the kibbas,

Who to make the yogurt
1 kilo yogurt mix with 1 spoon of corn starch and 6 cups or of water
Mix good and put in a big pot on the fir steer non stop clock wise till it boils.
Start drooping the kibbas one at a time till all finished, on medium heat for 30 mints.
Add salt as needed
Pot a pan on the fire add a little butter 2 spoons and 2 of oil and add mashed garlic and dry mint till golden poor over the yogurt
Level for 10 mints and serve with bread.

Serve 6

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